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Acne.org Products, do they work? Let's see...

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Hi Guys,

I have purchased the Acne.org products directly from the store (moisturiser, treatment and cleanser), received them 30/08/2011 and have been blogging ever since. I am following The Regimen for my face to the 'T' with one exception, I'm starting it at full dose immediately. All other instructions will be followed absolutely and I've watched the vids and read through the instructions at least 5 times over to be sure. I expect initial irritation but I'm determined to clear my acne up as quickly as possible.

Acne Condition Pre-Regimen

I don't do pics but I'll explain my condition to give you guys an idea...

01/09/2011 - 2 large pimples left side of face under eye socket less than 1 inch apart. 1 large pimple upper middle of forehead. 4 small pimples on chin area, whitehead beside nose, small pimple on upper ridge of nose, whitehead on left lower nostril. Quite standard condition for me though I occasionally get cystic types near sinus cavities left and right side of the nose.


I'll keep editing this post so all info is kept in the one place.

01/09/2011 - itchy, uncomfortable, stinging eyes in the afternoon, feels oily from the sheer amount of moisturiser. Face seemed to get drier as the day wore on.

02/09/2011 - itchy, uncomfortable, burning sensation -- kinda feels like i've been sunburned. Manageable.

03 - 04/09/2011 - Over the weekend face was very dry, particularly the morning after a night of moderate drinking. Light flaking around the beard area. Wake up extremely thirsty with dry lips (obviously effected by alcohol).

05/09/2011 - Dry face in the morning, appearance of creases around forhead which disappeared after a shower (I believe it was just the dried solution causing this). Flaking a fair bit around beard area (shaved last night) and slightly itches. Dry lips. Skin is more oily and less flaky by the end of the day though I did gently remove a lot of the loose skin with my fingernail. Only one new pimple has started to formed since starting the regimen but has not matured yet. In terms of pre-treatment acne, face is healing from breakouts and looking quite clear already.

06/09/2011 - Face felt ok in the morning though quite flaky post-shower. Much more comfortable, treatment only stings slightly when moisturiser is applied but not felt during the day. Skin is still flaking around beard area and some between eyebrows but not quite as much -- moisturiser seems to have it under control for now. 1 small whitehead formed on chin during the night. Face is still clearing up from pre-treatment acne, looking a lot better. Skin looks tighter and acne scars seem less noticable, might be due to the 'mask' formed when the treatment gel dries.

07/09/2011 - Again, quite flaky after shower and more flakes on forehead however the flakes are much finer than yesterday. After Moisturiser was applied flakes are much less noticeable. Face and lips feel dry again but are also feeling much more comfortable. No new breakouts and pre-treatment spots continue to fade. How fast this stuff is working is really blowing me away... not going to jump the gun and label it a miracle cure though, let's see what happens...

08/09/2011 - The first thing I've noticed today is that I'm NOT noticing my face. This is because it doesnt irritate today, no stinging, no itching, not oily, not overly dry. Lips are still slightly dry. A lot less flaking after my shower and pretty much none now with moisturiser applied. Still no new acne has formed.

09/09/2011 - One thing I noticed today is that the moisturiser seems to be more rapidly absorbed by my skin. Previously the amount seemed way too much and left a noticeable coating on my face for up to an hour. Today it seemed to sink in so much quicker and my skin feels great. I can honestly say right now aside from a few healing spots, I am acne free. My girlfriend even commented last night that my skin actually looks more toned as well as clear.

10-11/09/2011 - Over the weekend I missed a single treatment but resumed as normal with the rest. I developed one pimple under my left eyebrow and a small whitehead in the middle of my chin. Otherwise I'm clear. Treatment is completely comfortable now, no burning or itching.

12/09/2011 - Pimple under left eyebrow seems to have reduced in size and does not hurt or throb (meaning it's clearing up) . Interesting, treatment seems effective at stopping pimples from fully forming even when they do appear. Whitehead is gone. Red spots from pre-treatment acne continue to fade.

13/09/2011 - I cant believe how much of an effect this stuff has had in just 2 weeks!! No new pimples forming, acne fading, treatment feels comfortable. Flaking is not really noticeable on my face anymore but it does fall off and appear like dandruff on my coat collar.

14/09/2011 - 1 small whitehead formed on my chin over night though it's barely noticeable. Face feels quite good now, even when waking up in the morning it does not feel overly dry as it has been previously.

15/09/2011 - Whitehead is no longer noticeable, no new pimples formed. Again i'll emphasise that the moisturiser does indeed absorb more rapidly into my skin than it used to, leaving my face a lot less oily than when I started. Though I know it causes irritation, I occasionally wipe my forehead with the back of my hand to check how oily my face is (my forehead is not as pimple prone as my chin). It does leave residue on the back of my hand but my face neither appears oily in the mirror nor feels oily.

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Just a head's up: You can add each update as a new post in this thread by using the 'Add Reply' button. That way, they're still all in one place, but it's easier for people to follow and comment on specific updates. ; )

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Just a head's up: You can add each update as a new post in this thread by using the 'Add Reply' button. That way, they're still all in one place, but it's easier for people to follow and comment on specific updates. ; )


Also, by editing the first post, the thread will not show as having any new posts & so will quickly sink to the bottom of the pile. Any members who subscribe to the thread will not get any notification that you have updated your log if you just add to the first post.

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Thanks, I had a feeling that might be the case but I'm still keen on keeping it in the same post. I'll just bump it every so often if needs be. :)

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No need to be sorry for speaking your mind. :)

I don't feel I'm being ridiculous. I sincerely appreciate people trying to help me out, this is just the way I want my blog.

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Brilliant blog, :) glad to hear it's working! :D keep it up x

Thanks :)

I made the blog firstly see if it works and secondly to see if any mistakes I make cause me to break out again. I then made it public so others could see my results and help me out if it failed... so far no help needed, the product has far exceeded my expectations. =]

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They exceeded mine too when I started.

I didn't doubt Dan at all, I trust and back up all his wonderful products and research.

it was my skin I doubted as even accutane didn't really shift the stubbon acne for long :(

I love reading everyones sucess! :clap:

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