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Hello everyone,

I have been a low does of accutane for about 4 months (20mg/day, i weight 150 lbs). My skin has been clearing, and no real issues...until this week.

it started with what i think was a little pimple on the side of lip (where my top lip meets my bottom lip). I think i picked at it a few times, and thought it would just go away. It has turned into kind of a cut, almost like a split that continues my lip. It is all dry and crusty, and everytime i open my mouth wise it splits and breaks and really hurts. when i just talk sometime it hurts, and eating usually makes it really hurt and even bleed. i stopped taking my meds for now.

i do not know what to do as it does not seem to be healing. its a long weekend so i am even considering trying not really speak for a few days, and eat as little as possible and just drink protein shakes. should i put neosporin on it? any advice would be helpful as i am really at a loss here. if you think i need a picture let me know. btw seeing the doctor on tuesday, but i really want improvement this weekend as its making it hard to go to work!. thanks guys!

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its like a scab now. its gotten better as far as the pain, but def looks awful. i do not know how i would know if it was a sore or something else though

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Justin, you didnt even TRY to make a connection with what i was asking, and the agenda you want to push on me. My question was about a scab/scar, nothing even to do with a break out. If you are going to try to convince people of something you clearly feel so strongly about, at least make a decent effort!

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