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wrinkles caused by Benzoyl peroxide...

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I used Benzoyl peroxide for 8 months and now my skin looks terrible. I have fine wrinkles all over my face.

For about 3 months now I've been using natural remedies and moisturising daily and exfoliating regularly using glycolic acid and physical exfoliants with no obvious improvements.

Its really getting me down since i've pretty much cured my acne with the SIMPLE skincare product range , i now have a new problem ... wrinkles

I regret using BP so much and i feel quite angry that everybody says its a safe and effective product with dryness being the only side effect. When it also caused redness and scarring. I dont blame Dan at all because i know how much research he has done but if anybody is reading this... dont try BP, stay away from it.

BP is a short term gain, long term loss. Very short term, stop using it for a day and i would break out like mad.

So has anybody got any tips on how to get rid of these wrinkles?

If so, I'd really appreciate it.- Thanks :)

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If you have sortof leathery skin texture with some very shallow "wrinkles" they are likely nt true wrinkles, but the puckering effect seen on very dry skin. Does your skin texture feel different on your face to other parts of your body? If so, stop using bp for a while (if you haven't already done so) and allow your skin to recover (try using some other non- overdryng topical like clindamycin to help with breakouts. Moisturise a lot an see if the "wrinkles" go away. Hope that helps

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I also got a few wrinkles around my jaw area and forehead during the first 3 to 4 months of using BP. I've been off BP for about 2 months now and my skin has recovered, so much so that I am going to start using BP again to help with a couple breakouts.

Kind Regards

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