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Starting accutane, wash solutioon?

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Hi everyone,

I have juz started accutane for about 2 weeks. Initially, my derm put me on 60mg/day but it was too much, I had a headache, neck pain and stomach discomfort, so he asked me to stop for a week and reduce down to 30mg/day. I have really bad initial breakout, previous I had only moderate acne. I have been using seb-prev wash followed by cerave moisturizer AM and PM. Has anyone tried this before. I am thinking of switching to cetaphil daily facial cleanser, do you think it is good, while on accutane? Also, what can I do to reduce the existing breakout, meaning to reduce the redness and the size of my acne from the IB?

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I love Cetaphil products so I recommend those. Unfortunately, I don't recommend using anything but a face wash and a lotion/moisturizer. :( It's recommended that during Accutane you don't use anything that is acne reducing, like cremes or proactiv or anything. You just have to work through it...I promise it isn't that bad. I lived through an IB! It's part of the Accutane process.

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I have tried both Cerave and Cetaphil moisturizor, and I absolutely 100% swear by Cerave. I think their moisturizor is the best. I use the kind in a blue tub, I think its the Daily Lotion... It is fantastically moisturizing without being greasy.

For face wash, I used Cetaphil for the first three months of accutane, and then at the beginning of month four I switched to Aveeno. I love it! I didn't realize how heavy Cetaphil made my face feel until I switched. Aveeno really makes my face feel soft and clean without feeling like it's stripping my face or gunking it up. I don't remember what kind, but it's on my log if you're interested.

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