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Please help a fellow acne struggler out...

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Hey guys, I'm new to the forum.

I'm 18 and male, from Finland :)

I've read quite a bit about acne and its treatment but there is just too much information and i'm not sure what to trust...even the stickys in this forum seemed something i wasn't too sure about...

My acne is something I would call moderate,I have it around cheeks and some on forehead. My forehead and nose are also pretty oily/greasy, if that makes a difference.

Please direct me to some trustworthy information or help me out what to do... Acne is really dragging my confidence down at most crucial age...

edit: oh I also forgot to mention that it's mostly whiteheads and some blackheads that I have.

Thanks in advance!

Cliffs for lazy:P

-moderate acne

-oily skin

-forehead/cheeks mostly

-help me please

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aww im sorry :( now you have one reply! :)

i think everyone has different skin, so different things work for different people. everything has good reviews and bad ones, you just have to try stuff out and see what works for you.

you never know until you try it, right?

i personally like apple cider vinegar (drinking it, even thought its disgusting, it helps) and BP, but i cant decide which ones helping more, so i just do both

"Cliffs for lazy:P"

.... what? hahaha :)

good luck!

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Hey breesy,

At your age (which is also my age :D) I wouldn't be surprised if hormones are to blame. Hopefully you will grow out of it in a few years! But here are some things you can do to help:

I'm not sure how things work in Finland, but are you able to see a dermatologist? They can perscribe antibiotics, topicals, or even a combination of both, that can help keep your acne under control.

I would also suggest checking out Dan's regimen, which is based on the use of benzoyl peroxide (see success stories here)! Just remember to give any new product/regimen at least 4 to 6 weeks before you can expect to see any real results. Be patient, skin often gets worse before it gets better!

There's still debate about whether or not diet affects acne, but it never hurts to try! Many people have had success cutting dairy from their diet, so that could be a good place to start. Here's a thread about dairy and here's a compilation thread of people who cleared acne through diet and lifestyle changes!

Other than that, some general advice:

- Don't pick your face! This can cause breakouts to spread and can leave scarring.

- There is a difference between picking and popping. Popping certain pimples can help them clear quicker and even heal cleaner (see here on how to pop a pimple).

- Drink a lot of water! It will hydrate your skin from the inside-out and will help flush toxins.

- Sometimes less is more. If your acne isn't that bad don't go crazy trying to treat it with harsh chemicals and dozens of products.

Hope this helps! Good luck!

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I am recently starting to browse here a lot especially reading thro labgirl81's posts which I found it very helpful.

Referring to your acne form, "acid" ex AHA BHA Retinol....etc products work better on blackhead and whitehead because they help the skin to shed properly. But this products may cause initial breakout (IB) so it's up to you to decide if you can survive thro.

As for me I started to use tretinoin a month ago to treat my blackhead and whitehead. Now going thro IB phase.

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Hey all and thanks for replies :)

I started to use this product a few days ago but my acne has just got a little bit more worse, would anybody care to look at the ingredients and say if they're ok?

Aqua, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Lactic Acid, PEG-3 Distearate, PEG-9 Stearate, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Sodium Phosphate, Methylparaben, Sodium Hydroxide. name is Avecyd

It has no perfumes on it and the ph is 3.5.

Is it one of those things that get worse first but after a while start getting better, or should i stop it?

it is just so confidence breaking to see the skin not improving even though I eat healthy, drink LOTS of water and don't touch the face at all during day(read these are mostly myths to cause acne, though...)

and yes alexaaa Finland isn't a 3rd world country where you don't have dermatologists:P If i don't see improvements with the skin in a month or so I will go pay a visit

but please criticise the product's ingredients and how does it work for my situation


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and yes alexaaa Finland isn't a 3rd world country where you don't have dermatologists:P

LOL I mean't I wasn't sure how the health care system works or how easy it is to get an appointment with a dermatologist.

Anyway, Cocamidopropyl Betaine is derived from coconut oil and has been found to be a skin irritant in some studies (although many products contain it). If you start noticing any rashes forming this could be the cause.

Lactic acid is an alpha hydroxy acid, which is great for treating acne! It can cause sun sensitivity depending on how much you use. Just wear sunscreen (you should be doing this anyway ;) ).

PEG-3 Distearate.. I'm not sure about this one. It comes from stearic acid, a fatty acid that occurs naturally in animal fats and oils. It is sometimes used to harden soaps that are made from vegetable oil, and can be used to dissolve other ingredients in the solution. I guess it should be fine? I read that you shouldn't use it on injured or damaged skin though, so keep that in mind.

PEG-9 Stearate is used to emulsify the other ingredients. To emulsify means to combine liquids that don't normally combine easily. I couldn't find anything on this particular ingredient being harmful to skin, so I wouldn't worry.

Hydroxyethyl cellulose is a thickening agent used in many cosmetic products.

Sodium phosphate is a buffering agent, which is an ingredient that minimizes pH changes when adding acids to a solution.

Methylparaben, or just paraben, is a chemical preservative. Many people choose to use paraben-free products, but this is a personal preference. If it concerns you just do some research on chemical preservatives and paraben-free skincare.

Sodium Hydroxide is used to control pH. Some people do experience irritation from it, but since it is the last ingredient listed the concentration is probably very low.

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Thank you so much alexaaa you're very friendly person :)

Okey I will try this product out for 4-6 weeks as I've been using it only for 3 days now...I'll keep my living habits good and will report back here to see what kind of progress I've made!

thx again:)!

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