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jamie freedman

Dont make my mistakes!

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Right guys so basically i think its time to tell everyone about a great misconception.

Many people on this board including me until only months ago believe that candida can cause acne.

I am going to keep this simple so here are my justifications for saying that candida does not cause acne.

1. candida diet will keep your insulin levels extremely low and so because large fluctuations in insulin(a master hormone that can control others that lead to acne) aggravate acne your skin will improve.

2. People do the candida diet and starting getting headaches, nausea etc which is then labelled "die-off", in reality this so called die off is merely the body temporarily not being able to cope with the low levels of carbs its getting, i.e it is not yet efficient at burning fat stores for energy. However, when it does become more efficient at ketosis you will feel better as you now have plenty of energy.

3. A lot of people blame antibiotics for candida which is an understandable conclusion, however, i am willing to bet a lot of people took the antibiotics in the first place for their acne.

On a personal note, I did the candida diet straight for 4 months, My skin looked great, but after 2 months m hair started to shed and continued to until 7 months on and off the diet. I got really worried that the candida infection was deeper than i thought and the die off was causing my hair loss. One day however, my mum of all people(completely ignorant when it comes to natural health) said that maybe it was the low carb diet as many of her friends on atkins etc had experienced the same symptom. Since then i have introduced clean low g.i carbs back into my diet i.e pearled barley, lentils, steel cut oats,berries and have since found my hair to be growing back all over my head with little shoots popping up everywhere.

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