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Convincing Doctors....?

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Hello there forum!

Alright, here's the dealio. I'm a 16 year-old-girl(going on 17) and I've tried EVERYTHING (same as most of you) and NOTHING has worked. I've gone to my derm. multiple times and each time they prescribe me different anti-biotics, topical creams, the works. The only thing that I think has ever had any effect on my acne was BP but it stopped working for me ages ago. After a while of sticking with all of these ridiculous regimes (that I had given much time to work) I'd finally had enough and asked them about Accutane(which I'd done a ton of research on) and they pretty much told me heck no and that my skin wasn't bad enough and then continued to list off all of the scary things that can happen when on accutane. I kept on telling them that I really wanted to do it and they kept on telling me, you guessed it, no. :doubt:

Now, the day I went into that derm's office was the best my skin had looked in, like, 2 years, so that could also be a contributing factor to why they said no.

What do I do? I'm seriously on the breaking point :wall: . My skin has now gotten to the point where it is holding me back. Just the other day, for example, I got the chance to go to this folk music store (which I had been dying to go to for weeks) and decided not to go because I felt like my skin was that bad. Same thing happened the other night when I was invited to go out with friends and I told them no and then made up a dumb excuse when really I just didn't want them to see my skin. :cry: my skin has also made me cry on multiple occasions. And not just cry. Oh no. Cry HARD. like, bawling. :(

SO! I guess my main question is, how do I convince my derm to prescribe me accutane?

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Post pictures of your acne. It honestly might not be worth risking the possible side effects if your condition isn't bad at all.

However, since you say you have tried many regimens, it could be worth a shot. You need to be aware of all of the side effects associated with the medication and the side effects that you WILL experience. It is not a drug to be taken lightly. Then, if you are still serious about beginning a course, you need to express your feelings to your dermatologist. Tell him exactly what you have just posted, namely that all previous regimens he/she prescribed have failed, and that acne is really affecting your self esteem and confidence. Tell him that you know the risks and are willing to give it a go.

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I don't see why you couldn't be a candidate for Accutane. Your acne looks largely hormonal though, have you tried hormonal treatment? Hormonal acne is generally characterized by its tendency to affect the areas directly surrounding the mouth.

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That's what I told my mother!!! I know that this is horomonal acne but she doesnt understand. it's driving me nuts! my mood swings (as well as my acne) are off the charts and all she says is "it's normal to be horomonal a lot as a teen" but not like this. you should see me sometimes. literally crying one minute to laughing the next and ive begged my mother to take me to an endocrinologist and she refuses. she thinks that only menopausal women can go. I'd be willing to pay for everything too! im just not old enough to take myself.

so now the question is, how do i convince my mother to take me?

oh, and would it be an endocrinologist that i would visit for my horomonal acne or someone else? maybe just a derm? and is there any info on this site on horomonal treatment that you might know about?

Thank you so much Tama!!!

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I don't see why you couldn't be a candidate for Accutane. Your acne looks largely hormonal though, have you tried hormonal treatment? Hormonal acne is generally characterized by its frequency to affect the areas directly surrounding the mouth.

Perfect advice, Tama. You took the words right out of my mouth.

Original poster, go see an endocrinologist ASAP, and get your hormones checked out. You will probably benefit from a hormonal medication called Spironolactone. It is great stuff. I'm on it right now. Been absolutely clear since April, one month after my Accutane course.

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Thanks you guys! hopefully showing my mother your comments will change her mind! she feels that I don't know what I'm talking about but if she hears it from two other people then she's sure to change her mind. Thank you so much for your help! and now that i'll be searching up some endocrinologists in my area, some tips with the hormonal therapy will be most welcome!

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This subject has been on my mind lately as I think I'm actually going to have to convince my doctor so that I can get a referral for Accutane. I've had acne for 13 years, tried all the antibiotics the doctor suggested during that time. When I come of them, things just get worse. Like you, I shy away from doing stuff if my skin is bad. Equally, I've only ever been to the doctors office when my skin was looking good. Based on what he's seen, he said my acne wasn't bad enough for Accutane.

Hypothetically, if the problem did turn out to be hormonal, then you would be better off going down the route Tama and Sima suggested first. In theory that would sort any underlying issues which may also be triggering the acne, so that's great advice. If you tired that and it didn't work or it turned out not to be hormonal, that's another thing you've ticked off the list and in doing so, strengthening your case for Accutane.

For future reference, if it may help your case when discussing the Accutane, the severity of the acne doesn't have to be a deciding factor. If someone has tried the other options without success, they should be a candidate for Accutane. If the acne is having a detrimental affect on the persons mental well-being, confidence, social skills and so on, they should be a candidate for Accutane. So if you're combining those two factors, that goes in your favour, so to speak.

As far as showing your doctor what your skin may actually be like sometimes is concerned, the best thing is to take pictures. You don't have to show them to anyone if you don't want, but just keep a record of how it usually looks and what it looks like if it gets bad, then you'd be able to show them to the doctor as an indication of what you usually have to deal with. Speaking of pictures, well done for posting. Goes against the instincts as most of us would rather avoid drawing attention to our skin, so it's brave to show everyone a picture. Everyone here is nice though, this feels like a safe place to post pictures and share these kind of problems, people will always come back with support and good advice based on experience.


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