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Can someone help me out/ Recommend?

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Hey well I have quite severe acne and I am thinking of doing this daily:

This is mostly from bfg900d's post

Using OXY 10 day and night - "OXY 10

Taking 6 tablets -psylium husk fiber tablets

and can anyone recommend me a good:



also where i live it will not be hot weather so i will not have to wear any suncream for the BP


what do you think

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I had pretty bad acne for a year or two, and discovered both a soap and moisturizer that helps tremendously.

I like clinique bar soap. They have a moisturizing bar as well as an acne bar, but both are good. I actually use the moisturizing bar because I am in my thirties now, and my skin is getting drier. That's right, it isn't necessarily oily skin only that breaks out!

Second, I discovered this amazing cream called Vie Du Soleil that I use for a moisturizer. I think this has been the real key to stopping my breakouts. It is actually meant to prevent and heal sun damage, but it does this by being full of powerful anti-inflammatories, and I think thats why it helps with acne. Its all natural too (no freaky chemicals) so I can just slather it on and not worry about it. You used to be able to get it on Amazon, but I think now it is only available on the direct site: viedusoleil.com which is where I get it.

Good luck!


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