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the regimen, AHA+, and swimming?

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my swim team starts practicing again tomorrow, we practice monday, wednesday, friday, saturday every week in the evening and the chlorine is pretty drying and irritating.

does anyone know if this is going to affect my skin? im 2 months into the regimen and i havent been in the water since i started. should i use less BP, or use more moisturizer?

and when should i use Dan's AHA+?

ive only used it three times so far and its been kind of drying, and i can imagine it burning even more after swimming.

do you think i should just keep the same regimen and ill get used to it or should i tweak it a little? i was thinking id use AHA on sundays, tuesdays, and thursdays (days i dont swim) but i was wondering if anyone has had experiences with the regimen and swimming and if any of you had tips or suggestions


PS: tomorrow night i swim, then go to registration for school the morning after, which is when we take yearbook pictures! so i dont wanna look all red or peely haha :redface:

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good question....i would just follow the regimen as is (apply bp morning and night) and just moisturize after you finish your swim practice. I use to swim competitively when i was in highschool and would have practice twice a day (5am) before school and 4pm after school, at that time my acne wasnt bad and i wasnt on the regimen so i couldnt tell you...but i say just try moisturizing after the swim and it should be ok, then just wait till bedtime to apply the bp

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