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going on accutane

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Hi! I'm 33 years old and had acne since i was 16 years old. I've tried just about everything including oral antibiotics, topicals, proactive, etc without much success. I finally asked my dr if I could go on accutane and he said yes. I have my apt on Sept 13. Right now I take Minocyclin 100mgs twice a day and use bp and salicyclic acid products. Without antibiotics I'm prone to cystic acne. With antibiotics I can control the cystic acne but still get them especially around my chin area.

I'm curious to hear from people who've been on accutane and what their experiences have been like. I'm worried about the dreaded initial breakout and was wondering what everyone uses for products.


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I was on 80mg Accutane for 5 months for bad cystic neck acne on the sides of my neck. (Its a high dose, and I don't really weigh that much.. I'm around 155).

My side-effects were:

- Dry lips (Everyone gets this).

- Dry and slightly peeling skin around my nose, on my forehead, and on hands. (This is also more common for people on a higher dose).

- Tiredness.. I would need to get like 10+ hours of sleep to feel decent during the day. (I attribute this to being on such a high dose though).

- Dry scalp/hair. I had pretty bad dandruff while on Tane due to it drying the crap out of my scalp. (Again.. Likely due to the high dose).

I also had a slight initial breakout that causes some pimples I had around my chin and forehead to get a bit inflamed during my first few weeks on it, but that didn't really bother me.

That's about it.. It all went away within months of finishing my Accutane course.

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