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i want accutane :(

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please read and give me your input i need it.

ok so im at my wits end with my acne, sure its mild/ mod and controllable with bp but im sick and tired of it and especially sick of these random breakouts i get. i havnt ever stopped using bp twice a day except for a like a month where i tried bp only once dailyto see how my skin reacted and i went back to square one with my skin!!

im from the uk and ive had persistent acne for as long as i can remember and its breaking me. i cant waste any more time of my life my life revolves around acne all the time and i always have to take it into consideration when planning, holiday jeez i even cover it with makeup!!! (which isnt whats contributin to my acne fyi)

anyhow im from the uk and its really hard fo rme to get roaccutane i really badly want it!!!! because i want y acne gone now and i cant fight it no more! im going to go to my doctor again in the following weeks sometime and hopefully get a refferel to the derm. ive been to four derms before who havnt prescribed me roaccutane and sent me home with something else which doesnt work for my skin. they scare me of with the bad side effects and say my acne isnt bad enough!!.

if i go now what am i going to say? my acne is kind of controlled my dans regimen but i get these random breakouts now and again and they hurt, but what if im not breaking ou tthe week i go to the derm and i cant schedule whenever the systmm here is rubbish like that.

im planning on telling the derm how ive used everything from retin a to differen to skinoren to bp ,to antibiotics to changing diets to hundreds of over the counter stuff to metazine to vits and supplemets and trust me i have given them the time to work. im also planning on taking a picture on a bad day and showing it to the derm because guaranteed id have covered y acne with makeup because i cant face going out without t covered. (im an expert t making it look natural now)

im also planning on telling the derm thatf he/she doesnt prescribe me roaccutane im planning on getting it on internet with or without her perission (im not going to but hopefully itl make them understand how desperetely i want it) and that im willing to go on a low dose and see how things go from there.

anyhow im also scared out of my socks. im scared that im going t go blind if i take it (i read it somewehre on the internet that someone lost eyesight) also f losing my hair etc etc.

also approx how long do you think itl take me to clear on lets say 10mg for mild/mod acne?

this is my last year at uni, itl take some time going to the derm and then actually getting prescribed accutane because of some waiting list or something. i willing to wait. infact itl be better if i get it after i graduate ( i get my degreeafter this year as its y last year at uni starting sept) but t get it then the best thing to do is to maybe pester them about it now dont you think?

im willing to take a year out and dedicate it to my skin let me do some acne healing and spiritual healing let it take its time clearing as long as i know itll be worth it and ill be acne free again.

what do you guys think??? i really need your support guys, from people who actually understand me.

ps sorry for any grammer mistakes i typed it out quickly and didnt pay much attention i needed to get my feelings out

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im also planning on telling the derm thatf he/she doesnt prescribe me roaccutane im planning on getting it on internet with or without her perission (im not going to but hopefully itl make them understand how desperetely i want it)

:naughty: :naughty: :naughty: :naughty: :naughty: :naughty: :naughty: :naughty:

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hey im not going to get it on the internet because i know how dangerous it can be im just going to say that to my derm so he/she understands how badly i want it.

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I'm glad you made it quite clear that you wouldn't obtain it without prescription or medical supervision because that's the worst thing someone could do where Accutane is concerned. Make sure you stick to that and go down the proper route, for the sake of your own health.

Although I understand where you're coming from, in terms of the point you would be trying to make to the dermatologist, I can't help thinking that such a tactic would backfire for sure. I can understand, but I don't think they'd respond well to it. That would mean they'd essentially have to say, 'Alright, we'll give it to them otherwise they might do something silly'. That will not happen and, if anything, if they believed you could be willing to do something irresponsible, they would also conclude that you might demonstrate the same sort of irresponsibility with regards to taking it if they were prescribing it. Instead, they would be looking to see that you can be responsible and that you would treat the drug with the respect and patience it needs. Do you see what I mean?

If indeed your acne is bothering you so much and you are able to articulate it to them, it is best to tell the truth. Tell them what you've tried, take a list of all the things you've used and the antibiotics you've be prescribed over however long you've had acne. That will all help your case and may also be of use to them when deciding on treatment going forward.

That's just my opinion, for what it's worth. I can totally see where you're coming from, but you have to go about it the right way and be straight with them.

I'm a similar position, in that I'm trying to work out what to do because my doctor has previously said my skin wasn't bad enough for Accutane. I'm 26 this week and have had moderate acne since I was 13. It's pretty much taken over and I really struggle sometimes. It's had a detrimental influence on many aspects of my life and has never responded well in the long term to the treatments and antibiotics my doctor has suggested. Having recently finished a nine month course of Lymecycline at my doctors suggestion, my acne is back and worse than ever. Now I need to go back and tell how I feel, show him what's going on, and ask that I be referred to a dermatologist based on the fact that nothing else is working and because of the impact it has had on my life for so long.

Maybe he'll say no, but there's only one way to find out. If he does say no, I will ask for advice on how to go private. Even if he refuses to refer me on the NHS, I assume I've every right to get a referral to see a dermatologist privately if that's what I want, given that I'd be paying for it.

I left messages with a couple of private places earlier this week just so I could get a bit more information from their side, but haven't heard back from either of them yet and the bank holiday has got in the way.

Hope that's of use to you and that things work out for you as you'd like. Let us know how you get on.


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Accutane is a serious drug, many risks are involved and it should be pursed just as a last resort to controll acne. I've been on it for 49 days and I have seen significant improvement on my back and chest, the face still needs to get better and will as accutane can take 3-4 months to completely work. I have minor joint pain, dryness(lips), semi-frequent nosebleeds, and in the first month I almost considered quitting the medication due to me not feeling myself. This could be due to all the bad things/risks involved in taking the pills. I'm sticking with it and hope to god that I get no long lasting effects that would impair me to achieve my goal to join the air force. It may sound far-fetched that I'm worried about that but it's surprising the potential side effects this drug can have on the body. If you feel that getting rid of acne is worth the risks for you then go for it! Hope I could help.


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hey paul that is an excellent point and i would sound chilldish if i said that! thank you for telling me its a good point youve made and ill do what you recommended :). i know how you feel, tbh im not going to waste anymore years just waiting for it to go or something to work you kow because i have tried just about everything also my mum still has acne and know has really bad scarring so i want to avoid that and get rid of the acne now.

and janski yes i know that but im just tired of acne and ive given up now. im hoping for a low dose and the wait for 3-4 months will be fine by me if i get rid of the acne.

hope you well with your course.

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