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Hi everyone.

My goal is for this to help someone who is deciding if they should take accutane or not as I will be posting every sort of change I notice in myself good or bad when it happens (not only acne changes). I am just an intelligent computer science major 25 yr old guy with few health problems cept constant cyst PAINFUL acne for 10+ years. So here is my log...

History: Pretty constant acne. Huge pores/Extremely oily skin (Which I think is why people get acne). Crappy skin overall, red marks , acne scars the whole shabang. Have gotten since age 15 HUGE almost quarter sized cysts sometimes along with acne in T zone mainly.

Sofar today I have taken my 4th pill. Its the 1 a day 40 type.

I am also snapping photos everyday, but will prob change that to every week. Not sure if I will upload them yet.

As for the actual date:

Things Ive noticed thus far (4 days in):


Haven't really experienced dryness yet cept on my scalp- maybe due to my super oily skin.


Pretty bad headaches 3rd and 4th day (now). I would worry my brain is swelling or something but I've gotten similar headaches in the past rarely (but never 2 days in a row), plus they only come on at night time. If they continue to come at night I will call doc. Mine seemed to have gone away actually now that I ate something- wierd.

3rd day my noose seemed to get random red splotches on it- almost like acne developing all over (I never get acne in this area really)- one of the spotches hurts when touched on front of nose. Wierd.

Dandruff. Ive never had dandruff. Along with that ITCHY HEAD.

Easily burnt outside- meaning I am turning super red (burnt like) just from being in the sun for short periods throut the day-something which never before would turn me RED. riding outside ect. It looks now like ive been in the sun for a whole day. Wierd.

I have also noticed ive been slightly more agitated then I should be with things. Meaning little things I find myself getting really angry at for no reason. Most the time I have been realizing it and thinking 'thats wierd' and not acting on it tho.

Acne changes:

Seems to be an increase in redness on nose, increased chin acne. No new cysts tho.

Thats it for now, I will post similar updates every week or so OR when something NEW happens good or bad.

Really looking forward to this working. I hope it does.

Also I am little surprised i have noticed so many negatives sofar, being its only my 4th day. Hopefully it will balance out and not go more downhill as time goes on. Then again I am a extremely observant person and notice slight changes in myself more then most people (keep that in mind). We shall see.


-James :ninja::dance:

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