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A Few Questions About My Acne

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Hey guys and girls, I'm new to this board and I wanted to ask a few questions and tell you what my problems are. Anyways, I've been battling moderate acne on my face, and later through puberty (by the way I'm a 15 y/o male) on my back; a little on my chest. I've gone to the dermatologist and he's put me on SOLODYN with a topical gel for my face, and it's been working pretty good, just not on my back. My back used to be inflamed with pimples, but in the meantime my derm. also gave me a 8% BP lotion that cleared up my back about 70%, but that's as much as it will do...I now have little pimple heads that you can scratch off, but it's still noticeable. So this is where I'm at currently: My face is pretty much all cleared up besides an occasional pimple or two with a small amount of blackheads/whiteheads and little bit red (all of this is on my T-Zone not on cheeks, and also my nose gets oily throughout day). Then, my back is 70% cleared with little dried pimples heads that can scratch off, but are noticeable. My chest isn't bad at all besides a few little tiny pimples. So in the meantime, I've told my derm. what I've wanted and he said to put me on accutane and I could be on it for only 1-2 months. I will be starting in September, but my main concern is whether or not I'll breakout on my face. I've worked so hard to clear it up, and I don't want it to come back. Now that you know my situation, here's the questions I want to know:

1) Should I be taking accutane, though my face is pretty clear (mild) and my back is bad?

2) I've read all people who have taken accutane and they've been on it for like 4-7 months, why is it that I could only be on it for 1-2 months?

3) Will I breakout on my face like people have said?

4) If you were in my situation would you take accutane?

Sorry for writing such a long post, but I just don't want to breakout on my face everywhere now that I have it cleared up, and school has begun for a week now. I may add more questions later, but please help me out! Thanks

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You need to go to every Derm in your city and surrounding area if you have to, and find one that will put you on accutane for a minimum of 5 months. 1-2 months is pretty much 100% pointless, because its by the third month that the results really start to kick into gear and develop. I am guessing your current derm is just hesitant about putting you on accutane for longer then that due to you being younger.

Go on Accutane ASAP.. Here's why..

I started out at the age of 16 breaking out, just like you.. First it started on my back, then went to my mouth, neck, and forehead area by the age of 17.. I let it happen and develop and didn't take any action.. I never went on accutane until I was like 20 years old, and I had to deal with acne for so long as result. It was terrible.

If I could go back in time to when I was 17 and take accutane to avoid having to go through what I did, then I would do it in a second. But I never had anyone to sit back and tell me that I should - I never even knew what accutane was.

You want my advice man? Here it is (And I'm going to be REALLY blunt about it)..

Go on accutane, right now. Find a derm that will put you on a minimum of 20mg dose for 5-6 months. Deal with your acne in the time that it is starting.. Meaning NOW. Do NOT put yourself through hell by hoping topicals will save you and playing watch and wait. Deal with it up-front so that you can assure your skin a clear future.

Who cares if you get a small initial break-out by going on accutane? You might get a few zits on your face for a few weeks, but trust me, that in exchange for ensuring long-term clear skin is a pretty damn good deal for you. The initial breakout that you can get doesn't matter at all.

Get on accutane right now.. Because 3 years from now when your skin is perfectly clear, you will go back and thank yourself that you made it possible.

When you go to your derms.. Here's what you need to ask them:

Ask them to put you on a low-dose, 5-6 month accutane treatment. Shoot for about a dose of 20mg to start.. And then by the last month or two, you can have that upped to 30-40mg. Due to your age and more mild acne I wouldn't really go above 40mg, for it isn't necessary.

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He said I'll be taking 40mg twice a day, and he said only for a month or two so I don't understand

The problem is that 1-2 months may very well not clear you much at all, and any effect will be incredibly short-lived.

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