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Hey everyone, I'm 17 years old (male) and I've been suffering from acne since I was 12. I have mild to moderate persistent acne and I've tried everything that there is out there and non of it works. I really really really want to try Accutane, but none of my doctors will prescribe it. I don't know what to do. Accutane is my last hope and my dermatologist are being ridiculous about it. I been to 3 different doctors and the one I went to today flat out told me ACNE IS NOT CURABLE and basically was telling me it's like herpes where it can be controlled and treated but not cured. I have Tricare so I don't know if this has anything to do with it? Someone please help me! After arguing with my dermatologist and trying to convince him for less than 5 minutes he said he was going to refer me to one of his colleagues which doesn't seem too convincing since the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. I NEED TO GET ON THIS DRUG PEOPLE. I live in North Carolina does anyone know any good doctors around here or neighboring states or something? Has anyone had the problem of not being able to get Accutane as well? I just really need some advice.

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I'm gunna be flat out honest with you; don't go on it.

If your acne is only mild, then why bother? get a prescription that's much more relaxing to be on.

But if you insist; It took me 3 speacilist before they would let me on it, but I was also underaged for the first 2, I'm old enough now, which is probably our difference.

Unless you have severe acne, I would recommened not going on accutane, there is far too many risks being on the medication. There's other solutions you can get from a simple doctor at the clinic that work wonders.

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