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Are these medications available in the EU?

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Hello everyone, are topical erythromycin solutions and sulfacetamide/sulfur creams (like Plexion) available in Spain/the EU?

I've been dealing with this moderate-severe acne problem since I was 12. Am currently 26. For the past few years, my regimen has been Erythromycin Topical Solution 2%, Plexion and Retin-A cream. I also wash my face with Neutrogena Acne Wash 1-2 times daily. Used Erythromycin mornings and before bedtime, Plexion in the mornings and Retin-A at night before bed. I also occasionally took Doxycycline pills.

I'm an American, but have lived in Spain this past year. I took my medications with me, but ran out this past spring. My acne started acting up again, so I went to a dermatologist in Madrid. After considering Accutane and trying some Benzoyl Peroxide again, I asked for Retirides (a tretinoin cream like Retin-A) and Doxycycline pills. There was the initial flare-up again in late April/early May, but then the acne was under control.

It started acting up again in July and has flared-up this past month. Am back in the states this month, but will return to Spain in September. Getting really concerned and even considered going to my American dermatologist while I'm here, but I don't have health insurance so it would cost me a good bundle just to see the guy. Meanwhile, I'm covered in Spain through my job...

But to repeat, I wanna be sure the erythromycin and sulfacetamide/sulfur creams are available and generally prescribed for acne so that I can go back to the full regimen I had before moving to Spain. Anyone in Europe wanna shed some light on this? Are there any brand names they are known as? Any info is much appreciated!

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