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Isolaz experience

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Hi all,

I'd like to share my experience with Isolaz. I feel like I should because I've been reading this site for several years due to my struggles with cystic acne. I've finally found a treatment that works.

Just some background on my acne. I started having just normal acne when I was 13 but suddenly at age 15, I started to have cystic acne. Now that I'm in my early 30s, I don't remember a time when I've had less than 4 cystic acne on my face at any given time, even on my best days. I've gone on and off on a variety of antibiotics and birth control pills over the years. Of course, I've done lots of prescription grade creams as well.

I was always perplexed because I had a very strict skin regimen. I always made sure to use top-quality cleansers and top-quality lotions for my combination skin. I did masks often. In short, I really took care of my skin but it never helped. I always had a new cystic acne form every few days and it always made my heart sink.

I resorted to coritson injections. It was the only thing that would control them. I went for injections every 2-4 weeks. It would get rid of the cystic acne within a day, but it never got to the root of the problem.

My mom encouraged me to go to a doctor she heard great things about. I think this was the most important step of all. Most derms I've seen over the years just started prescribing me stuff right away. This doctor put aside 15 minutes just to talk about my acne history and treatment options. She was very patient and made it clear that she was as interested in getting to the bottom of this. Whatever treatment anyone ends up getting, I'm not convinced that having a really patient doctor who wants to listen to you is the more important step.

My doctor listed several options but really urged me to get Isolaz. She said in her experience with clients, that had the best rate of success. It was also supposed to be painless relative to other laser treatments, "more" permanent, and the recovery time of redness and stinging was supposed to be within an hour.

So I followed her advice, but before she used the Isolaz on me, she examined my face and said that she had to take care of my blackheads/whiteheads. She said extracting them now would help with the recovery process. Those extractions hurt! She used a lancet to pierce the skin and squeezed them out. And she kept telling me that they were clogged pores (really small that I didn't really notice them) and she could tell that they had been clogged for a very long time - for months! (I apologize if anyone finds this a bit gross) She also said my skin just wouldn't have much of a chance if I continued to have very old clogged pores. Yes, those extractions hurt but it was worth it.

Then she used the Isolaz on me. Supposedly, it doesn't hurt but it felt a bit painful to me. I do have a low tolerance for pain, so maybe that was a big reason. But the moment it was finished (about 10 minutes of Isolaz), the pain was completely gone. I didn't even feel that tingly feeling she warned me about. The redness disappeared within the hour.

Two days after my first treatment, I got way more cystic acne. There were maybe 5 that just appeared one night. So I quickly made an appointment and got cortisone shots. That got rid of them immediately, but it made me a little paranoid. The doctor assured me that was expected the first, maybe even second, time because it was "vacuuming" the acne up.

I just finished my 5th treatment and I'm acne free for the first time in my life since I was a teen. Every time I went to get my treatment, my doctor always extracted whiteheads and blackheads (less and less each time I came in), before the Isolaz. I'm not even taking any medication or creams. She did prescribe me retin-a so I will use that in a few days.

After the sixth treatment, I am supposed to go for periodic Isolaz treatments every two months. I plan to keep this up as it's worked. I'm also going to start scheduling acne facial extractions every month because I didn't realize how easy my skin was prone to clogging (more than steaming and masks can handle) and how it would just give my face less of a fighting chance against acne if I didn't do anything about it.

The downside to treatment is that it's not covered by my insurance. But I figured that I spent and still spend so much on all other acne products that maybe it would be a better investment.

Sorry that this is long. But I hope it helps anyone who may be interested in the treatment!

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