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Day 1 of regimen

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So here we go. After 9 months of a duac/sodium sulfacetamide (wash) regimen and still breaking out so badly around my cycle, I decided to consult another Dr. Never hurts to get a few opinions, right? With my insurance, the duac tube was 45$ and the wash was 15$. I figured that for $60 a month, I should have fan-effing-tastic skin. I don't. Spots are always showing up along my jawline and my cheeks and they're the hurty-pimples that feel like bruises or something. I'd often lay on the couch with an ice cube on it hoping it would reduce the inflamation thinking that for 60$ I shouldnt have to resort to ice cubes. So this new Dr. yesterday told me that it's hormonal acne and it should be treated from the inside. Fair enough, makes sense. I'm ok with trying the Ziana (even though it sounds more like a warrior princess than a zit cream)... but I'm a little apprehensive about this solodyn stuff. There are HORROR stories from folks all over the web and I'm hesitant to take an antibiotic anyway... i mean i dont have an infection....and I like my wine. I don't need anything else messin' with my liver. Sigh. I'm gonna go ahead with it though. Hopefully the red marks that are left behind from old zits will fade and new zits stay far, far away from me. End goal is that I don't have to wear foundation everyday. I would slay to be able to go out without a full "prom face" on (well..minus the smoky eye...). I'll use this lil space to track progress, side effects, hang-ups, etc. We'll see what happens!

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