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i'm currently on accutane which has made my skin drier than it originally was. i've been using aveeno moisturizer and revlon colorstay stay natural makeup. both work perfectly well. the only problem is that towards the end of the day, like after dinner time, flakes develop around my chin. i'm just wondering if that's happened to anyone else on accutane and if there's a way to prevent it. maybe i should use a different moisturizer? thanks!

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omg i know exactly what u r talking bout

i was on accutane last year and was using colourstay and it was awful, mine wud even go on all flakey so i looked a mess right throughout the day.

i wud def try a diff moisturizer,, maybe a tinted one, so that u wouldnt even have to wear the foundation..

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One of the things that my dermatologist recommended was eating just a little more dietary fat and drinking a LOT more water to keep my skin from being painfully dry. I was on an aggressive course of accutane (roaccutan, in Switzerland) for a year and a half. After about six months, I was not able to wear anything except mascara and lip balm (and lots and lots of that). I used RoC Actif Pur Anti-Wrinkle moisturizer (for reference, here's a link) on his recommendation. It has retinol and sunscreens in it. And it's expensive -- but that link lists ingredients if you want to compare against similar products you can find locally.

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Please don't use color stay type makeup during Accutane.

Just think about it. Why do some makeup have longer stay power than other?


They tend to be drier and are formulated to cling to your skin better, ergo...they contain very little 'slipped' agents. (contain less oil, less silicone, wax)

As a result....your color stay or extend wear type of makeup will create problem for people with dry skin and even worse for people who are on accutane.

The makeup might look good in the morning but as the day progress, they become drier and draw moisture out of your face. This is a good thing for people with normal or slightly oily skin but it is a bad news for dry skin.

princessfiona....the solution to your problem is quite simple, change your foundation to something richer. Tinted moisturizer is much better option for you.

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this is the problem i have too..

Its to the extent that my skin looks better without makeup than with, because the dryness accentuated by the makeup accentuates the fact i have spots.So i just have to not wear any and have red red uneven skin..

its a vicious circle and sods law..but i may try foundation+ moisturisor or tinted moisturisor.. this could be the answer..

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My solution for very dry skin is just to find a great moisturizer and drown yourself in it. I had the flaky-chin-syndrome too for awhile and I just piled on the cetaphil and let it sink in before applying makeup and it helped quite a bit. I live in an extremely dry climate, too, so if this worked for me, hopefully it'll help other gals/guys w/dried out faces.

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