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Reduced my bacne

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So I've had bacne for two years now, and basically nothing has worked. I've tried religious usage of BP, and to my surprise I've had so success. I read somewhere that head and shoulders worked so I thought I would give it a try. My concept in mind, more the better right? What I did was I took a shower and washed with head and shoulders, after drying, off my shoulders (that's where my acne is) I applied a lot of head and shoulders, so much that it actually made my back white. I let it dry and put on a shirt and went on with my day. I wanted to try something extreme, so I came up with the idea of not letting my shoulders get wet and let the head and shoulders remain on my skin for two whole days. So I took a shower but I put plastic wrap on my shoulders so it wouldn't get wet. I know this sounds extremely crazy, but I wanted results. I was very nervous at first....because my shoulders turned extremely red and dry, and almost seemed chemically burned ( I actually think they were.) I washed off the head and shoulders and put aloe vera. For about a week and a half or more, my shoulders were peeling and EXTREMELY flaky and dry and itchy. It was horrible. I thought I destroyed my skin... HOWEVER, after that week and a half of hell, my shoulders were extremely smooth, and the active acne I had was gone, I mean, gone. I still have some stubborn spots but most of them just vanished! The red pots and dark spots faded.... I'm not sure how this actually worked, or if it will help anyone, I just thought I would share what I did and what my results were. Try this at your own risk though, if you are entertaining the thought. :rolleyes:

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