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This is my first post on here, so hello all!

Just to give you some background before my question, I've been battling on and off since I was 12 years old mild-moderate acne. I've tried a lot of regimens: Proactive, Murad, Philosophy, Acne.org, cheap drugstore stuff, dermatologist recommended stuff and so on. I've really had the best of luck with gentle cleansers, my Clarisonic and AHA/BHA creams as well. Recently though, I've really wanted to go get down to basics and go mostly natural and gentle. I want intrigued by the whole jojoba thing; it replicates human sebum, anti-inflammatory properties and non-comdongenic. So I ordered some from Desert Essence (the 100% hair, skin and nails, not the pure organic kind) and the Thoroughly Clean cleanser from Desert Essence as well. From the reviews that I've read on Makeupalley for the jojoba oil I expected breakouts or "purging" from the get-go. So right now I'm about a week into this new regimen and my face has suddenly erupted in tiny red pimples. Some big, some small...some containing white heads, some not. My blackheads are completely gone from my nose though! So that's fine and dandy, which I'm attributing to using the jojoba alone in a OCM (Oil Cleansing Method) a few times. I could see and feel the plugs coming out of my skin!

I'm just hoping that these breakouts that I have right now are due to some type of purging from the jojoba and are bound to clear up. But maybe it's the cleanser or perhaps stoping the AHA/BHA or maybe all three!

Some feedback would be greatly appreciated as I have not experience a breakout like this in several months. Should I maybe stop the jojoba? Not do OCM? Add the AHA/BHA back in or just hang in there and continue with what I'm doing?

My regimen:

Morning -

Wash with the Desert Essence Thoroughly Clean Face Wash (castile and coconut oil based wash, ph balanced)

Put on 3 drops of jojoba for moisturizer

Put on light dusting of Korres mineral foundation

Night -

Take 5 or so drop of jojoba and massage for 2-3 minutes to get off makeup then place clean and hot wash cloth over my face for a few seconds then wipe off

After that I cleanse with the Desert Essence cleanser with my Clarisonic

Moisturize with 4 drops of jojoba

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I found jojoba oil to be good, but only to an extent.

I added it to my moisturiser too, but to be honest i never broke out much with it. My only issue with it was that it was greasy and didnt really blend in. Also if you wore make up over it, it really would run after like an hour.

I dont use it anymore, had forgotten about it. Anyway my point is, I never really got why Dan calls it a miracle product. My skin didnt feel that moisturised after, sure it was soft but I could get the same effect from a really good moisturiser.

Its also messy, very messy and kind of gross carrying around oil as it tends to attract dirt..

Right now I am using Weleda Skin Food lotion for dry skin. it contains a lot of oils, and usually I would run a mile from greasy oils, but it is an amazing moisturiser, and so far hasnt clogged up my skin . LIke u I wanted to go natural after years of medication, horrible BP which ruins your skin!!! makes you age, I would advise anyone to run a MILE from BP

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