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Balmex Diaper cream

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Ok, I'm going to (try) to make this short and sweet. I was recently diagnosed with hidradenitis suppurativa, it is a condition that gives you groups of painful cysts that constantly recur and completely scar and disfigure your skin...I have gotten cysts and had acne since I was about 12 years old. I really tried a lot to try and fix my acne but just ended up getting frustrated and taking the easier way of covering it up with makeup the best I could...which ended up in never getting rid of it and getting scars all over my face. I have not left my house without makeup in about 10 years...Any way, I recently started to research homeopathic type cures for acne and these terrible cysts, I am positive that hormones and a number of other things affect acne. I tried a multivitamin and that helped a little. But the other day I was in a lot of pain from the cysts on my leg to the point that I was in tears. I saw my daughter's diaper cream on the bathroom sink and remembered that when my older son was younger I used a zinc based cream to completely clear up his baby eczema, so why not try it? I had already tried everything else. I took a warm shower and got out and slathered the Balmex cream on my legs. By the next morning, the redness was down a lot and the pain was GONE. So, I thought if it was even a little improvement, why not try it again? So I repeated this again the next day, when I woke up ALL of my cysts were "deflated" and the skin was starting to peel (which is a good thing) I was AMAZED. The improvement was so incredible that I thought why not just try it on my face if it works so well for these gigantic cysts? So, I put it on my face continually for 3 days and NOT ONE PIMPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO REDNESS!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOW!! I literally almost started crying with happiness. I finally found something to fix my acne, this stuff is phenomenal!!! and its rapidly healing my scars!!! GO BUY IT NOW!!!! Zinc helps in wound healing, it's helps your immune system and is good for reproductive health, so maybe there's some connection with zinc and hormonal acne?? I don't care why it works, it just does, I can't believe it worked. I hope it keeps working!! :dance::D

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