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symetrical placement of acne

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Hello, i'm new to these message boards, despite reading other people's stories, remedies etc on here for a good few weeks.

basically, back to the topic.

i have had acne for about 4 years now, however over the past 6 months it has cleared up, not due to any treatment of remedies, but just waiting for time to do its work.

thankfully, becuase of this, and not really picking or squeezing, i dont have any large noticeable scars (looking up close in a well lit mirror i can see small amount of scaring but its getting a-lot better, and mostly pigmentation which will go back to normal in some months to come.

if i'm looking at you straight on, my face looks 98% clear, i get the odd spot maybe above my mouth, or near my forehead, but nothing major. these sorts of spots go away in a few days naturally anyway... however here what's annoying me;

my jawline, towards my ears, is very prone to acne, and i get quite large 'lump like acne' there. some of these lumps have been there for a good few weeks, and today, despite my best efforts, i got frustrated and tried to squeeze one... however no luck, instead i just made it angry, and it went red, and leaked some clear fluid from it... does anyone have any idea what these are? they are definately acne because i've been getting them here for quite from time, and after a good few weeks they develop a tiny white head..

they get quite itchy and smaller spots around the area of the large lump things arise. its also generally quite red round that area, i think it might be pigmentation from old acne, but not really healed yet...

thanks alot for reading i really appreciate the help, p.s ill post some pictures when i get access to a good camera, my phone one is awful and can't see anything.

Yorke. :D xx

edit: these lump like acne things are symetrical on both sides of my face btw, forgot to mention that despite it being the topic title... um

also note: over the past 8 months my life stlye has changed quite dramitcally probably the reason why majority of ance has cleared, however may also be the reason why these large lumps are persistant:

(i moved out into a rented house with 5 college friends that i will be going to further study with in the next 3 years) so am now; drinking close to 3 litres water a day now, walk to from work/college every day (do at least 2 hours exercise a day), stopped smoking tobacco, however started to smoke marijuana quite moderately over the past few months, less dairy in diet, hardly ever drink milk at-all, rarely eat cheese yoghurt etc. have a similar diet tnat i use to, but cut out junk deserts for a couple of tangerines, have normal breakfast plus eat a banana on top, and have 1 apple a day too.

finally, i am 18 and 1/2

cheers, yorke :D

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I'll admit I didn't read any of that, but if you're saying you get a spot on the left side of your face, you'll get another spot on almost the exact same spot opposite of the first one, I know that feeling.

and I hate it.

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