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Random mood swings?

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Been on accutane 2.5 months, I've found myself experiencing mood swings where all of a sudden I feel depressed, hopeless, and detached from the rest of the world. I'm 100% positive that it's to do with the condition of my skin and if I had perfect skin, I wouldn't be suffering this at all (or having to do accutane for that matter) :P. After a while (usually a couple of hours), I'll snap out of it and everything's okay.

On a further note, it usually tends to happen when I've isolated myself for a few days. When I get out of the house and talk to friends, or if I go and exercise, it gets much less likely to happen.

Should I mention this to my doctor at all? Is it something to be concerned about? I haven't been having suicidal thoughts, and I would never kill myself. I don't want to risk being taken off accutane, because I know that it will help in the long run. Should I at least mention this to my parents?

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Considering your mood swings have nothing to do with accutane, why would you bother?

Do you think that people not on accutane have mood swings & feel crappy after being alone indoors for a few days? Of course they do, it's normal.

If you like, you can tell your doctor/parents you are feeling like a normal person your age.... although they might think THAT is odd (normal). ;)

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