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Guest KeepCalm

Definition of a 'breakout'

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Guest Captain Chaos

From reading this forum for a couple of weeks what has become apparant to me is that the definition of a breakout is subjective, different peoples views on what a breakout is tend to differ somewhat...

I wondered what everyones view of a breakout is, please post your opinions!!

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When you have "X" amount one day and then say maybe twice as many the next and it carries on for a time.

My own definition is probibly 3+ spots appearing in one day, but then again they dissapear quickly too. I tend to get outbreaks when i have a change of lifestyle suddenly eg starting school.

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i would class a breakout as an amount of new spots you arent used to.

if you usually get a few per week, maybe more. then one day, or over a couple of days you get an abnormally larger amount, then its a breakout, usually triggered by something.

i now just get 1 spot every couple of weeks as i have it under control. Not so long ago a got 4 new ones over 2 days, deffo a breakout. i think it was triggered by not washing for about 24 hours after playing tennis for 6 straight hours. I was v sweaty. I always 'breakout' after letting sweat sit for too long.

the main fear of a breakout is that the new spots have more chance of causing even more somehow, and you are scared things are gonna get even worse, or go back to being bad again if you have recently gotten clear.

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