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I have been fighting my light/medium acne for many years now. I wasn't affected in my teens but since 20 my skin has constantly gotten worse (I'm 26 now). I have tried every over-the-counter thing available. My dermatologist suggested Vit.A topically and different topicals but none of them had any effect. I don't want to take Accutane for health reasons and I don't use benzoylperoxide anymore because it discolored my hair.

For three months I have been low carbing strictly (never cheated once except eating fruits in the morning) which initially broke my out massively and then brought me back to the normal level of breakouts (3-5 per week). At the end of the three months I concluded low carb just doesn't do it for me. Since then I am lower on carbs than I was before doing low carb but I eat the odd slice of bread. I hardly ever eat sugar and only drink water through the day. My diet hasn't been to unhealthy before so I didn't have to change too much. After re-introducing carbs I broke out heavily again which I suspect is again due to the switch in diet.

I have tried changing my pillow every day, drinking lots of water, eating fresh fruits and vegetables none of which seemed to have any effect. I tried eatin 150g raisins a day as suggested somewhere here. I'm now getting 30 minutes of direct sun every day (for vitamin D) and I eat fish (salmon) two or three times a day to even my fatty acid ratio. I also try to cut poly-unsaturated fats by cooking only with coconut fat. Needless to say I didn't notice any improvement.

In spite of everything I have tried the pimples keep coming back so I'm basically out of ideas what else to try. Anybody care to enlighten me what my options are? :) I really want to get clear - finally.

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quit the fish, our oceans are destroyed from the burning of fossil fuels, way too much mercury. ted kaczinski (unabomber) was right!!!!our supposed technological advances are going to kill us. and he was a child prodigy mathematical genius who entered harvard at age 16.

here is a study on canned tuna- http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1002/etc.32/full

the real main answer, could be just long term stress. over time, we get used to what stress feels like, and no longer can remember or differentiate between what it feels to not be stressed. setting goals to get closer to the life you really want can turn bad stress into good stress. turn problems into goals!!!!

as far the purely physical dietary variables, same things apply as always, see my signature/advice below.

something that i need to add yet is how to deal with accumulated toxins from our food supply such as mercury contamination from fish. cilantro is very effective at chelating mercury, garlic can chelate lead and possibly other metals. these toxins in our water and food supply may be partially responsible for mental health and physical health problems.

lowering your dairy consumption will help a bit, switch to cheese or yogurt because its fermented, lowering does not mean cutting out. you need the amino acid tryptophan and calcium.

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Your acne may not be diet related at all.

How are you cleaning your face? What products are you using, etc.

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Hi. I HAD the same problem. I am 25, I started getting acne in my 20's. I have tried everything accutane, medications, creams, Clinique Acne line, expensive laser treatments. So I finally found this website, and decided to try it. I love this stuff. I just ordered my third shipment. I only need to order moisturizer & cleanser, I am still on my original bottle of treatment. My acne has finally calmed down, of course I get the occasional breakout once a month, and when I am extremely stressed. I definitely think this product has something to do with it, but the reason I replied was to tell you about some vitamins that I started taking @ the exact same time. I have a friend who also suffered from acne. A few years went by without seeing wach other, and when we started working together, her face was amazingly clear. All she did was start taking Hair Skin Nails vitamins! So of course, since I had tried everything else, vitamins would be easy & inexpensive. So I originally bought a brand from Whole Foods, but returned them immediately when I read on the bottle that they were thought to cause BIRTH DEFECTS!!?? I am a 25 yr old female & that is definitley not ok. So, the place that my friend recommended.... WALMART!!! $7 for a bottle.... and I am absolutely amazed at how clear my skin has gotten. I noticed a difference within 1 month, its been 3 now & I could not be happier. I seriously wake up look in the mirror & can say that I love my skin!!

I truly hope this helps. I dont remember what brand, I just know it was $7 at walmart in the vitamin aisle.

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Currently I don't clean my face a lot. Did this some two years ago but after realizing all these cremes and topicals hurt my skin more than they improved it I stopped using them. So I only occasionally use water in the morning and in the evening.

@AutonomousOne1980: you are of course right, but I'm in an experimental phase now (and have been for some time) where I try all different kinds of stuff to see if they improve my skin. As soon as I know what the culprit is I can start eating environmentally reasonable again.

@vapor1: I have cut/lowerd dairy (especially milk) a long time ago as I believe it's breaking me out. I once drank two or three cups of hot chocolate and ate two pieces of (sugary) cake to provoke a breakout and the following two days I had at least three pimples more. By doing low carb I of course also cut largely gluten but didn't seem to do anything positive :(

@azsunkisst: What vitamins are these specific ones you're talking about? I know Vitamin A and D are supposed to improve your skin. I also tried taking general (compound) vitamin pills for two weeks but didn't notice any improvement.

Yesterday I had a breakout of four(!) pimples but I can't pinpoint it to anything I have eaten in the last few days. I have also been doing a food log for the last 20 weeks or so but still my breakouts appear pretty random to me and always seem to come in "waves" (perhaps two weeks with one or two pimples and then five or six in two days).

Dermatologists can't do anything for me, the only thing they have left is Accutane. Should I perhaps see another doctor and have my thyroid function checked?

I'm really desperate and don't know what else to try :/

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