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Help! Salicylic Acid cleanser with Dan's Regimen

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So I'm planning on starting Dan's Regimen tomorrow with stuff I already had lying around the house. For the cleanser I'm using Neutrogena's Deep Clean Facial Cleanser (for normal to oily skin.) And for the treatment, I'm using Neutrogena's On the Spot.

However, I noticed that the facial cleanser contains Salicylic acid. Has anyone else tried adding this to Dan's regimen? I just don't want to get my hopes up for clear skin and have it all fall to crap because I mixed Neutrogena's salicylic acid with Dan's BP.

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its not that salicylic acid is bad, its just that it might be too irritating for the skin....i know before i went on the regimen, salicylic acid did a pretty good job exfoliation my skin...but i stopped using it after i started the regimen just cause im following the regimen pretty closely and it seems to be working....so to answer your question, it may be bad with the regimen strictly from over irritating the skin, but you wont know until you try i guess? everyones different

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Absolutely do not use the Silacylic acid wash. At least not while on the regimen. The combination of both of these acne medications will be extrememly irritating and over drying. That will make your acne worse. Not only does Dan warn us of this, but it says it on the back of any acne face wash or topical acne cream to avoid using 2 acne medications at one time or if you are trying to to "ask/consult your physician". You can go to Wal-mart and buy Purpose Gentle Face Wash, Cetephil, or something super gental and simple. Using the On-the-spot treatment is just fine for starters right now. I used it my first time on the regimen, but I warn you. Your skin will get dry and the on the spot treatment will start to ball up with your dry skin flakes and NOT absorb into your skin. Then you will have a white film over your face because the on the spot treatment will not have been absorbed. Buy the acne.org BP as soon as you can. way cheaper then buying on the spot and much better because its a clear GEL. It wont ball up. You are going to run out of the on the spot fast anyways. I know, I remember how small the tubes are. Buy good simple face moisturizer and use JOJOBA oil. Spending $4-5 dollars on Face wash and $6 bucks on some moisturizer now then buy the $16 buck Acne.Org BP now or soon will save you a world of trouble. trust me. Just doing this will save you the pain of having bad DRY skin for the next 2 months. If you have any questions just keep posting onthe thread or anything. I will be more then happy to answer and help somebody out.

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