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I think Britney Spears goes to my derm!

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saw a pic in the NY Post of Britney Spears with the caption saying that Britney was leaving the offices of a "Santa Monica Dermatologist">The only high profile celebrity derm in Santa Monica that I could think of is MY derm (who also has an office in NYC). The derm is Karyn Grossman BTW and I went to her years ago when I started to scar from acne and she put my skinny bod on a high dose (40 mg for 5-6 months of accutane right away). Around that time she was named one of the top up and coming derms and i guess was beginning to build a celebrity roster. She also performed the IPL on me which helped reduce a lot of the red discoloration and shrank/filled in my shallow scars..Well Britney does have acne issues but her skin looks good for the most part..just thought I'd share. I'm not 100% sure but hmmmmmm, looks possible.

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hahaha, no I didn't mean that as a show off thing at all (uh, there are those photos of britney and her acne all over the web) I just thought that it would be a wild coincidence...And it would pretty much show that hey, it's not like they're getting any special undercover acne or scar treatment that us non celebrities are not...and it's interesting to compare results...FYI I AM NOT a Britney fan

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Britney should of gone to the derm years ago. Her skin condition is bad now....she has acne everywhere....it looks unhealthy.....very dry.....and BLAH. She smokes and drink which probably make her skin a lot worse than it is. Britney.....go get a facial or to the derm....ur wedding is coming!

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Actually, money doesn't equal great skin...some of the most SIMPLE measures I've done have improved my complexion more than anything else>Drinking more water and cutting down on dairy does wonders to reduce oil. Also all those celebrities eat soy and abuse themselves with too many cosmetic procedures i think and they're generally not bright and fall for every fad out there. I use NO topicals because i've found that when I do, my skin gets more irritated and oily, like thick nasty oil especially if I don't drink water. my oiliness went away in a matter of days just by drinking more water and reducing face washing to twice a day max.

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