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I used to scour these forums looking for a miracle cure for the "mild" cystic acne that used to appear on my face monthly/weekly/daily! I would get sore, itchy cysts and/or nodules anywhere on my face....normally the most obvious places so there was absolutly no hiding it and make-up only made it look worse (think hunchback of nostradame type thing). I would only get 1 or 2 at a time normally but it was a constant - one (finally) goes away, another appears. Which, by the way, only got worse with age.

Picking, squeezing, applying strange and wonderful potions with all the hope in the world that it would make it go down tomoro (even just a little bit).....but it never did. Sound familiar? This is how I used to live my life....totally obsessed with my new friend/third eye (depending on the site affected) and convinced that everyone was staring at it while they were talking to me etc etc etc.

Then, I got the worst one ever.....right in between my eyes.....it was MASSIVE! Exam time of course - thats stress for you. With no exhaggeration, it could be described as a golf ball sticking out of my face. Hated it. I was so mortified. It was actually depressing because it had been coming and going for months on end. Now, by this time I had been on the waiting list for Roaccutane for about 6 months (in the UK, the NHS wait can last as long as a year). All of the typical antibiotics that they offer you just seem to make matters worse (well, in my case they did......they also make you feel as sick as a dog but never mind!) and there was no end in sight.

So without going on and on, I ended up at A&E.....yes, thats accident and emergency, at the suggestion of my doctor. They ended up puting me to sleep and cutting this thing open! So they send me away with Erythromyocin (spelling) and i got fast tracked through to begin Roaccutane with immediate effect.

Now, I was terrified......I'd read terrible, frightening things about this drug and was dreading having to take it.....namely terrified of the breakout that was ahead of me.......it never came. I think this was due to the other antibiotic I was taking (erythromyocin) so after a few months of CLEAR SKIN!!!! Yes....thats right.....Actual clear skin! They asked me to come off the antibiotic and I thought "oh well....Ive had a good run", still....no breaking out. Now a year later, 7 months on roaccutane, 3 months off, clear skin, scars are almost gone (i love bio oil), pores closing off and no more black heads Ive actually forgot what I used to go through everyday, sweating with embarressment and anxiety about my horrible lumps. Now all I have to do is just get this awful scar sorted between the bridge of my nose!!! Loving the fringe for coverage haha.

So, the moral of the story is......it will get better....unfortunatly there are no quick fixes....go to your doctor!!!!!! They can and will help you. You just have to be persistant. So please get help. The amount of time you spend on these forums searching for that miracle cure thatll click for you, you could have started a course of treatment and finished it!

I just wanted everyone to know that it does get better and you dont have to suffer with it....you just have to persevere through the bad times that occur through treatment then when your out the otherside....its like it was a different person and you forget what you used to go through. Actually imagine having clear skin.......I could never have dreamt about it before but thats what I have now. It still makes me smile when I think about it (yes, cheese, i know).

Yes there are side effects (DRRRRRYYYYYY lips, soooo dry but constant applying of some cocoa butter lip balm is best....not vaseline, bleeding nostrils - warning - laughing through nose will cause it to spray out (criiinge!!), sore muscles - particularly after a night of dancing!?!, i managed to drink alcohol but cut out the shots etc but the hangovers were cruel, and also, fatigued mood practically all the time....oh, and heres a weird one.....weight gain???) but they all disappear upon stopping treatment (including the weight gain, so no excuses!).

I could actually write so much more but i think ive written enough for an initial post haha. I hope this has helped someone in some way...if i can answer anyones questions or give any advice (if anyone even asks for it LOL) i totally will because I know what it's like.

Just be patient I'm afraid....drastic action and patience is the only way to get to the other side...



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so the actual message from your post is :take Accutane

but there are people here,like me,who still got a break out after Roaccutane..as for me it was years after and I am afraid to go on it once more.

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so the actual message from your post is :take Accutane

but there are people here,like me,who still got a break out after Roaccutane..as for me it was years after and I am afraid to go on it once more.

Well....it's more - don't be scared to try it. I hadn't heard one good thing about it and didn't want to try it at all. But it turned out that it was the only thing that actually worked for me after a decade of shit skin. Maybe a few years down the line....who knows??? but I have never had clear skin before so my personal skin condition must be stongly linked with accutane.

Im sorry to hear yours has returned. Why do you feel afraid to take it again? If my skin messes up, I would definately take it again....even if I had to take it every couple of years for the rest of my life. I would say it was worth the years of clear skin.

When I was studying for my finals for my degree, I came across vitamin A deficiency and its role in chronic inflammation (interesting link possibly?) so there may be many other reasons that accutane is prescribed and it may work for one where not the other.

Guess I was just trying to give people hope because I know how desperately unhappy I was for so very long and had tried all sorts of methods and medications and felt I was stuck with it forever. There is a reason that the body lashes out and people will find their own personal cure.....be it through holistic or "western" medicine or healthy living or any other option available.

And, just kind of thanks to everyone here too because reading that other people were going through the same thing made me feel less alienated.

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