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Hi everybody!

I would like to share my experience on how I got rid of my annoying acne problem for good. Maybe it is helpful for some of you as well....

Since acne can have many causes and I had been through most of the alternative and prescription meds (incl. accutane and antibiotics), I decided to approach my disease from several angles:

- in case that it was caused by digestive problems I started eating prebiotics, such as sauerkraut, miso and kefir (probiotic supplements made my breakouts worse)

- in case that it was caused by too much sebum production I took three times daily 1000mg pantothenic acid combined with 250mg l-carnitine (what resulted in smaller pores and no bumps anymore:))

- in case that it was caused by an inflammatory response I drank both morning and evening one table spoon of turmeric dissolved in warm water

- in case that it was caused by unstable blood sugar I added cinnamon to my diet

- I used an OTC a-vitamin face cream

The process took about 3 months, and since then I was / am 100% acne free.

I will continue with this regimen for sure, just less of the pantothenic acid and l-carnitine

Hope this helps somebody else, too!


ps....I prefer a vegan diet and don´t eat sugar often. Foods high in iodine still can make me get a bump or two, but only if I eat REALLY much of those.

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Good news!

By the way, the kefir, sauerkraut etc IS probiotic. Stuff like chicory, onion, garlic are prebiotic - food to feed the good bacteria.

Am having similar good results from eating as much probiotics as I can - mostly kefir, homemade yoghurt, unpasteurised cheese, sauerkraut, kimchi etc. Have been doing this for maybe 2 months and about 80% reduction. Also the psoriasis under my fingernails which had been there for years has almost gone. Feeling a lot 'brighter' and energetic too.

Other stuff: no supplements of any kind - gave them up 3 months ago as couldn't work out if they were helping or hindering. I'm sure they have all been a complete waste of time and money and also unbalance the body in many ways. Don't use soap on my face, just aloe vera gel, coconut oil and MSM powder which i dissolve into the aloe vera (adding coconut oil to this mix) and use as a moisturiser (this has been really helpful so far).

I came off the BCP 1.5 years ago after being on it for 20yrs non-stop and antibiotics for a long time before that. Both things destroy/alter the flora in the gut and this needs to be restored. The good bacteria create vit Bs in your gut, and I'm sure it's way preferable than downing mega doses, and also a longer term solution.

I don't think probiotic tablets really do much (have tried them). Better to make and eat the food as it contains so much more bacteria and feel like they get to the right places. BTW I avoided milk products of all kinds for about 8 years (not even eating small amounts in other foods) but have found that eating fermented milk products is fine. I eat mostly goats milk products and have had no bad reactions at all, especially if you make sure it's fermented a good while (eg: 24 hours for yoghurt and kefir). Before this I would react to the cassein (bad sore throats and often tonsillitis).

Would be good to hear if anyone else had good experiences going the fermented foods route...

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Maybe some of you have seen the blog posts by Dr Art Ayers - "Cooling Inflammation". He has some really interesting research/info on inflammatory conditions - acne obviously being one of them.

He is very focused on gut flora and its role in dealing with inflammation in the body.

This article (and the many responses below, some of which deal specifically with acne) I found very interesting - don't worry about the title of the piece which may seem a bit irrelevant at firstDNA testing vs diet and exercise:

Edit: crap, am new to this - will try and get the link up in a sec

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Wait, so probiotics broke you out or just the pill kind? Even high quality probiotics? I sort of wanted to get these really expensive ones and take half the bottle in a day. I am in the process of growing my kefir grains. I am waiting for my water ones to arrive. I have to grow the milk ones in milk, but not drink the milk...When I have enough I will use extra for coconut milk, but I want imediate results now. SO, I hope a high dossage of a good quality probiotic will heal my skin fast and then with my water and coconut kefir, I will be perfect again!

I have a good diet. Too much fat, even natural like coconut is bad, too little carbs too many carbs. Basically you have to eat grass to not ge acne, and that is just insane. Probiotics will boost gut healing ten fold and thenmy healthy diet might actually work cause I am getting nutrients.

I hope dis workkk. The probiotics are expensiveee. Kefirrr hurry and arrive!

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