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Hi All,

I need some advice on makeup. I am not using any makeup at the moment. Just moisturise with Clinque anti blemish solutions moisturiser.

Rightnow I am in my 2nd month and badly scarred and broke out so badly last week. The face is looking horrible and I am thinking to invest in some good cosmetics which could hide this redness and scars. The reason I have been avoiding makeup is coz my skin is just so flaky now. If I use face powder afterawhile skin sheds. I did use foundation but that did the same thing. My dry patches are so visible.

None of the cosmetic stores told me any product and said to leave it as it is and just moisturise. But if I have to go to a party what do I do ? take this scarred red face.

Please suggest me any good makeup options that can help me deal with this period. I am definitely gona use mineral but what brands and what products.

Many Thanks

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It's been my exp thus far that liquid makeup always makes flakes stick out more.

I prefer bare minerals matte.

Instead of the whole swirl technique they instruct u to use when applying, just sorta dab the brush against ur face - Don't have too much makeup in the brush, lol. It won't give ALOT of coverage, however, it does not accentuate flakes and gives some relief for PIH.

I like it :)

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THis may be terrible advice as it relates to acne, but it's the only thing that got me through the early months of Accutane breakout without hiding under a rock.

Clinique Anti-Aging foundation (with spf, in a cylindrical glass bottle) is AMAZING. It's probably not great for clogging pores etc, but for one off occasions it's great. If you go to a store that sells clinique they'll usually put it on you for free (and if you decide to buy the bottle, you can make an appointment to have them do your makeup for the party for free!).

It's moisturizing and gives the best coverage--excepting those make ups that make you all cakey and scary--that I've ever seen.

Worth a try if you have a place nearby that sells clinique :) good luck!

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If you are looking for amazing coverage I would suggest Estee Lauder Double Wear. It is oil free, fragrance free and non-acnegenic. You can go and get a tester to try it out before buying.

I haven't started Roaccutane yet so not sure how it deals with flakes but I plan on using it as it's the only foundation that covers me and it's all I feel comfortable wearing. Here's a topic on this foundation: http://www.acne.org/messageboard/asap-este...ub-t220906.html

One of them says that she is on Accutane and uses it

Hope that helps,


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Use Bare Minerals!! It is the best make-up out there and it's really really good for your skin. I would also suggest using the matte one and not the glossy. The glossy one makes my skin look shiny and that's the last thing I wanted.

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Thanks all,

Great advices. I'll definitely get few testers and check out for few days. I have got clinique near by me and they definitely do give free stuff. I should try that one.

I am getting many votes for bare minerals but the problem with them they don't give you testers and I don't liek that. I wouldn't wana spend money and then ended up not using it.

My friend uses Estee Lauder double wear and she did mention its quite good. I would look out for that as well.

The problem for me right now is that, I moisturised my face by adding few drops of jojoba oil to moisturiser and right now my skin is feeling so dry and stretchy. My concern is , when i ll apply foundation and what would happen? and I might need to apply moisturiser on top of my foundation , is that ok to do ?


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