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Vegan/Organic/Natural Cosmetics & Skin Care

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So I've been shopping around for new foundation etc, plus skin care. Everything is either not working for me or it's working well enough but leads to a tiny, tiny bit of acne and/or dryness. Which leads to more product testing and breakouts....it's a vicious cycle I think. I've finally had enough and decided to try to find things that are better and natural without all the harsh chemicals. So far, I've got EVOO for MU remover. Tea tree oil for pimples. Going to try Dr. Bronners soap next for face & body wash.

What I'm really excited over, though, is the 100% Pure line. 100% Pure

Vegan & vegetarian cosmetics and everything else that I want. I'm practically drooling over their foundation, primer, concealer, blush, moisturizer, eye cream.....oh, my list goes on.

Does anyone have any input or experience with this brand? (I've already checked MUA & looking for more feedback) Any suggestions for other natural, and/or chemical free products would be very welcome as well. :)

Thank you!


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I've been thinking of trying Tea Tree Oil. Not sure what brand to for look for or how I'm going to use it. Does any Tea Tree Oil work or should I look for some detail about what it says on the bottle like cold pressed, organic, and such.

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Oooh, yeah all their cleansers sound so great. The whole brand is so pricey though. :cry: I just decided to go with their foundation and concealer for now.

As for tea tree oil, I just bought a bottle from Longs Drugs that said pure tea tree oil. Works great. Only $10 too.

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