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Helloo everyone :)

Just to start off, I'm 13 years old and have moderate acne. I get zits here and there, but now a days theyre staying for longer than they usually do. So I've gone through a number of treatments (Murad -.-) , and lately I think i've found something that's worked for me :).

So here is my daily facial cleansing...washing....whatever you want to call it routine:

First I use Pond's cleansing and makeup removing towelettes (with vitamin E, chamomile and green tea)

Second I wash my hands with like whatever soap my mom puts in the little soap despenser in my bathroom and wet my face with some cool water, then I use 1-2 pumps of the Neutrogena Deep Clean Facial Cleanser(for normal to oily skin, does have saliciyic acid in it). After getting a good lather I spread it all over my face, and when finished with that rinse the soap off my face.

Then I use Clearasil Daily Clear Daily Cleansing Pads (2% Salicyic Acid)

Then I use the Clean&Clear advantage Acne Spot Treatment (oil-free and 2% Salicyic Acid)

After that I use, the Clean&Clear dual action daily mosturizer (oil-free and 0.5% salicyic acid)

And then, every other night I use Rezamid (MY MOM recomended this product to me, that's how long it's been on the market. Really, really works. Big contributor to clearing up my acne.)

THAT'S BOUT IT. Am I too harsh or what?

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Yes I do believe your too harsh on your skin. Your 13 years old. Your most likely going through puberty and those products aren't going to do much to "help" your skin. If anything I think they would irritate your skin and cause breakouts.

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