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from azelaic acid to differin

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Day 1: 3 hugh spots and 6 dead. Azelaic acid had stopped its effectiveness on me. So i changed the treatment to differin. [Also, i only apply SA mixed with alchohol on forehead, seems to be working great.]

Day 15: Run out of skinoren for my bacne[which is 100% clear] so i decide to stop using anything on my back.

Day 20: A couple of active zits round the mouth and left chin. Total of 3-4 active on the face. 4-5 dead marks. 3 spots on back....starting differin-treatment there, feeling very tired of this...dont want to go back to tetra again.

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i am surprised that skinoren works for you. huh.gif

i was using that stuff too.. but no success. it seemed to me that it does absolutely nothing with my skin.

differin made my acne go worse i think. do you live in germany ? because i don't think they use that stuff anywere else. my derm told me to use it and then another derm told me that differin and skinoren is not very effective and i should go for accutane.

but anyway... at least it works for someone smile.gif

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No, i live in sweden. But anyways its week4 now:

Facial acne is so much worse now than before...though i hope its only an initial breakout... 20-30 redmarks, 5-10 active zits. The bacne is soon gone, 2 active 2 dead.

Im so depressed now...... when u've almost been 100% clear and then go back to this....fuck

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6 weeks have past... 4 active spots in face. 10-15 redmarks(fading). 4 spots on back. better than week 3, worse than when i began... but hopefully it will clear me in some time.

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8 weeks have past. Today i went to the derm and got clindamycin to use in the morning. im pretty much clear now... got 2-3 on the back and 2 active in the face...perhaps about 4-5 whiteheads. And about 10 red marks. Differin is nice... and with some antibiotics i think this will be perfect. (Goal is 100% clear before 2005)

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Hm, now this doesnt feel too good. Acne almost gone on face, (1 active) and on my upper back, its almost clear... But the problem is that im beginning to get new acne on lower back, where i've never had it before.. could it be the antibiotics "forcing" the bacteria to "move" ?

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