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bumps on forehead come and go. >how is this possible?

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Hi guys,

I've recently had some issues with re-occurring acne on my forehead. they only appeared the other day but there's 100s of little ..bumps. They're not red unless I irritate them and they havnt exactly formed into pimples , meaning they cant particularly be popped etc.

They come and go I've noticed. As if to say there is a switch and you turn the switch on and they're there, you turn the switch off and half just go away and my skin is smooth again. all the same places too. and along my hairline.

Last night I drank nearly half a bottle of vodka straight (yes I enjoy the taste and its too expensive to get me drunk otherwise despite only being 109lbs *5f7..need to party away my worries some how :/)

I dont mix with anything because thats just added sugar im avoiding.

I woke up this morning and basically my entire forehead was nice and smooth with only 3-4 noticeably little bumps if I turned my head where the light could show the bumps. confused.

its now about 8 hours later and I have a whole forehead of them again :/ its like they have all just raised again.

I'm SO confused!!

What is this and why did the vodka just makes them go completely. thats 100s of small pimple things like a lot of people here have been posting pictures of (the forehead stuff).

I've even tried putting anti fungal cream on them, possibly calms them down but ive been putting it on for days and unsure if its doing anything. still so unsure whats making them be there. I've always had a few of those pimply bump things my whole life, but all of a sudden its like they're activated, heaps more have appeared and they just yeh. come and go as they please. They only appeared about a week ago after I was downing 2 tablespoons of coconut oil for 2-3 days. stopped that as soon as I saw a change in my face as the only thing I changed was the coconut oil. That may be a coincidence as I have another post asking that but now im just plain confused with the whole going completely and coming back completely in spaces of just hours.

But the vodka certainly made a difference. I dont know why or how though. alcohol should be a bad thing :/

can anyone help me out a little if possible :S

Thankyou !

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