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Few questions on accutane

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Hey guyss. well umm i have a few accutane questions?

1) Can i get a tattoo on my neck on accutane? if not when can i get one?

2) Can i have surgery on my knee (ACL Reconstruction) while on accutane?

3) When do most people get the "initial Breakout" (if there is such thing). ive been on accutane for approx 2 weeks now and still no IB, it has actually improved. Would i still get the dreaded IB?

All help will be appreciated. Thank you

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1) I was told not to get a tattoo by my derm until about 2 months after the accutane cycle.

2) Not sure on this one.

3) I'm currently about 6 weeks in and I got my IB about 3 days into my treatment and am now startin to see a little improvement. From what I heard, IB comes at about the 2-3 week mark for most people.

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I have actually started breaking out after a month. In the first month I was clearing up really well but got into my 5th week and I have broken badly. I hope its IB and not that accutane isnt working :(

Stay intact all the best !!

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