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Cleanser to use with CnC blackhead scrub?

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I like the CnC blackhead scrub, and am looking for another cleanser to use in addition to it.

I'm a bit of an ingredients freak so I'd like something for sensitive skin (no SLS, menthol, fragrance, dye, etc).

Can anyone recommends anything (it can be in bar or liquid form). Thanks.

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Im with you, on how a cleanser should be.

The best fragrance free, dye free, and SA/BP free, menthal free cleanser is Purpose Gentle Cleansing Wash. You get 6 oz of a water based gel for about 8-10$ at your local drugstore/target/walmart.

It rinses clean and doesn't irrirate the skin. Using a cleanser such as this-with no added ingredience will not irrirate or promote more breakouts. It just gently cleanses the skin.


P.s. Using the Clean and Clear Blackhead scrub is fine. However, be in mind that it is a scrub therefore you should only use it about 3-4 times a week. A scrub should not be in the place of a cleanser because it only takes of the first layer of dead skin cells. Using a scrub everyday for a cleanser will just irriate the skin further.

I, myself use a scrub inconjuction with my normal cleanser but only use it 3-4 times a week in the shower before my cleanser.

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If you don't like fragrance in your medication, why are you using blackhead clearing scrub then? It contains fragrance

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The blackhead clearing scrub is pretty gentle. Since the beads in it are round, if you don't press hard agaisnt your skin, you can bearly feel them. It has a soothing property to it as well after you wash it off.

I've used it daily before without issue but your mileage may vary. Try the C&C Advantage cleanser, it has no beads in it, just a soft silky liquid. Don't use too much of it though, it is a bit stronger/more drying.

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