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My Advice for Accutane Users

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Ok I have been following this site around for a good 3 years now, and felt i finally needed to share some of my advice.

Prior to starting accutane my skin had moderate acne (Very oily T-zone, Blackheads and large pores covering my entire nose, and roughly 3-4 inflammed zits at any given time).

After exhausting all other methods (Changing my entire diet, doing full body cleanses, large amounts of vitamin intakes including freshly juiced veggie juices twice a day, as well as Retin-A, Epiduo, and even using Hydrogen peroxide toner), I talked to my derm and he recommended I go on Accutane.

So I am on my 23rd day today, and I thought I should share some of my side effects and let you know how I'm dealing with them.

Side Effects:

First 2 weeks I did noticed a big change in my acne.. The acne itself was still coming, but in different forms and in unusual places for me. For example, I would get a few (not extremely inflamed or noticeable) whiteheads on my forehead. Also, I rarely get cysts (usually only when I do something new to my regime that my skin doesn't agree with) and I got a big one on my left cheekbone at about day 16. I went to the derm and got a cortozone shot and the cyst went down completely within two days (no indent or bad side effects like I heard on the message boards.. just a huge relief).

Also on day 16 I experienced my first nosebleed. I had one in the morning and another later that day. This is relatively normal for accutane users and can be remedied very easily (Which I will mention how in the next section).

As for any other side effects, my eyes feel dry from time to time, my body feels achy occasionally (more so during the first 2 weeks), but other than that I feel normal..

So heres what I have been doing to help things out..


Vitamin E 400IU twice a day (If i remember to take at night)

Zinc 50mg

Vitamic C 1000mg

Fish Oil 1200mg


Coconut oil 4g twice a day

Coconut oil is great for moisturizing your entire body from the inside out, and ever since I added this back into my Vitamin regime (along with the Vitamin E) I have noticed alot less dryness.

QUICK NOTE: Reducing the amount of dryness percieved by the accutane with vitamins and heavy moisturizers is NOT going to reduce the effectiveness of the Accutane. It will only help your skin in the healing process and potentially reduce the risk of breaking out because your skin will be less irrated.

Ok, so now for my Cleansing/Moisturzing method..

I take two showers a day (Morning/Night), and in the shower I use hot water, then wash my face with Cetaphil Cleanser, using soft gentle circular motions with my hands. Then once all the cleanser is on my face I use a VERY gentle exfoliating pad that I got at bed bath and beyond. Its designed especially for sensitive skin, and even then I am SUPER careful. This step just allows you to remove the surface dead skin. Then I turn the water to as cold as I can stand it to wash off the cleanser. The cold water seems to relieve the irratation of hot water and cleanser, and bringing your temp down seems to reduce the inflamation.

NOTE: Rotate clean towels and pillow cases in once a week

Once my face is dry I put Cetaphil Cream Moisturizer in my hand (a pretty good amount), then I add a few drops of Jojoba Oil and apply all over my face gently. Jojoba Oil is the most important part to your moisturizing routine, without it your face will be flaking all over the place (trust me I ran out for just one day and my face was covered in dry skin).

During the day I just add a few drops, but at night I add a VERY hefty amount. Also, at night I add moisturizer(with Jojoba) and wait for it to dry, and then before I go to bed I do the same thing over again to amp up the moisture.

As for the nosebleeds and chap lips I use Aquaphor about 20 times a day. When I put it on my lips I just take the left over amount on my finger tips and rub it up my nose.

Lately I have had very few breakout (Maybe 1 to 2 new zits in a week), with the exception of red marks from previous zits (which are fading). As for popping zits, make sure that they are fully at the whitehead stage, and take a small sewing needle, run it under hot water, then disinfect it with hydrogen peroxide, and gently poke the tip of the white head. Then take two pieces of tissue paper and wrap around both index fingers, and extract the whitehead. Once i'm done with that, I put some witch hazel (all natural disinfectant) on a cotton pad and place it on the zit till it stops bleeding

Hope this helps. Remember to drink lots of water and get lots of sleep.

Goodluck with your Accutane adventures everyone, if you have any questions I will be coming on here when I have time to help you guys out.

For those who are worried about taking it, DONT BE! These side effects can be dealt with and are very manageable. Nothings worse than suffering with acne for a lifetime.


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