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I just want a clear face :(

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someone please help my face is a mess i have pimples and then loads nd i mean loads of acne marks red ones :( how long will tey stay ? nd any useful tips for acne

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Checked out your blog. You might want to try antibiotics first, but if your acne remains persistent, then I agree with Kelso: accutane is definitely worth considering. Either way, cystic acne is the worst and it could really end up fucking you over so don't let it go untreated. If you don't want antibiotics and wont consider accutane, maybe try something like Epiduo, or some sort of prescription bp product (maybe even Dan's regimen). If your acne's mostly cystic don't even bother with a retin--it might make it worse and retins don't seem to help so much with cystic acne (or at least that's what I think).

Also consider the hormonal aspect. Maybe this is all due to the pill? Either way, it looks as if you've given this pill a good long try so you might consider switching to either a higher or lower estrogen pill. And if you only break out during your period then you might want to try Spiro (maybe you could go on some antibiotics while you wait for that to kick in?).

Using a product with Niacinamide can help fade your red marks. So can Dan's AHA--though it always made mine even redder since I have sensitive skin. I like Paula's Choice "RESIST: Anti-Aging Clear Skin Hydrator." It's a good moisturizer for acne prone skin that'll help calm all your redness and fade your marks. I guess I make it sound too amazing, but it actually seems to work on me. I've only been using it for a few weeks but I noticed a difference right away (and my marks have definitely gotten lighter).

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