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hi everyone.

i am a girl, 20 y/o, and now suffering because of polycystic ovaries.

it was diagnosed 2years ago and not treated until now.

before, the doctor said that i just have to take contraceptive pills to cure my pcos. but my mom actually don't let me take the pills bcause she's having her doubts on me. because she said that i have a boyfriend and she's been thinking that i might use the pills to prevent a pregnancy. :-( and it actually hurts me a lot.

last year, without my parents consent. i took a pack of diane35 for two months, and it worked! my acnes are gone and my face bcome smooth and glowing. but bcause i am just a student, and diane35 actually costs alot. it becme hard for me to keep my money for school that actualy given from my mom everyday. she gave me 200 a day and the pills is 500/pack. so how can i continue?

now i am graduate already and i am preparing for my board exam, my reviews will start on 19th august. and my acnes are all over my face! :'(

i talked to my mom last night, and i said i need to undergo ultrasound, and take a pills bcos that was the O.B said. BUT STILL SHE IS NOT AGREE! and it became the reason of my tears the whole night ;-(

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