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makeup during the regimen

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when youre on the regimen, how should you take makeup off?

when i get home from school (or during the summer, my tutoring class), its around like 1 or 2p,

i want to take my makeup off, but i dont want to wash my face and do the regimen steps until later that night because otherwise it would be only 7 or 8 hours in between my morning and night washes

ive been using towelettes, but my skin feels all dry and burning after i take my makeup off, and the dry skin is all gross and flaky. :wacko:

so how should i take my makeup off, and should i put any lotion or anything on after?

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If you are taking your makeup off with a towelette, you most likely are taking the topicals off too. It's almost a guarantee.

Unfortunately there is no answer for that, other than to leave the makeup on until night. It's a good idea to space your cleansing around 12 hours apart (allows acid mantle of the skin to come back), so I would vote either a) leave the makeup on or b) never wear it in the first place.

You just can't really take makeup off without taking your topicals off.

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I agree with Sarah, it's very likely you are removing the medication from your face as well. I'm not quite sure how long the BP lasts but it's safe to say probably around 8-12 hours (which would be why you have to apply it in the morning and at night).

However the towlettes you are using might not be good for your skin as well and might compound the dryness, etc. - try using jojoba oil as a makeup remover. It works great, is Regimen approved, and as a bonus it moisturizes your skin if you leave it on for 10-20 minutes then gently rinse it off and pat dry. In conjunction with the Regimen you can do it right before you wash your face. As mentioned above though if you leave it on for 10-20 minutes it has extra moisturizing effect.

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