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Confusion about creams/gels used with the dermaroller?

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I recently purchased a dermaroller. I'm still waiting for it to arrive but have been having trouble understanding the after-care treatments.

I've read up on copper peptides and Retin-A gel and -this will sound stupid- can't really figure out how it works. Do those creams/gel induce additional peeling of my skin? Do they aid in the production of collagen after using the dermaroller?

Basically I'd like to use a cream after the dermaroller procedure which will help my skin heal, expedite this processes and help with the production of collagen. But I don't want my skin to peel which it seems that copper peptides and retin a gel make happen.

If anyone can clear this up for me and also mention whether or not I'm able to buy any of this stuff in stores (prefer not to do so online) I'd be very grateful.

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Retin-a (tretinoin) will increase the turnover of your skin cells. It's also believed that it promotes collagen growth. It will often make your skin peel due to the increased cell turnover and also due to irritation. It is a prescription product.

I'm not as familiar with CP, so I will leave it to someone else to explain.

You may want to consider a vitamin C serum instead (you can even do this yourself). There is evidence that Vitamin C applied topically promotes collage growth. I have used a vitamin C serum many times and it has never caused my skin to peel. It's often used in conjunction with dermarolling.

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