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19 Year Old Male - Accutane Blog

Hey all,

With all the accutane blogs already out there, I thought "hey why not add my own to the mix". I'm a 19 year old male who lives in Toronto, Ontario. It's in Canada for those who had no idea. I've been active my entire life with soccer and hockey. Around the age of 14 I started to notice pimples on my face. Very few compared to my face today. I would say i have moderate acne at this point in time. My doctor has prescribed prescription creams as well as pills upon pills. The creams would dry put my face and leave it feeling flaky, even with moisturizer. The pills would last a week and then my testosterone filled body would say "alright thats it, get the hell out of here". My face would return to its normal oily, pimple ridden state. I've been on 3 different prescription pills: Isotretinoin, Minocycline and Tetracycline. I've used a variety of creams including benzoyl peroxide based products as well as salycic acid based products. Too many to list. Same goes for the endless amounts of cleansers I've bought over the years. I started off with cetaphil gentle wash. Never really felt it was doing much and that is where the cleanser roller coaster began. From there I went to clean and clear, oxy clean, nivea cleansers for men, proactiv, the list can really go on. Not to say these products don't work. Just didn't for me and I'm merely relating to the plenty of those out there who have done the same thing.

Skip now now July of 2011, I wake up one day and look in the mirror. I said "Enough is enough". Next day I had an appointment with my doctor where I mentioned "Accutane". It's the equivalent of saying "Voldemort" in a harry potter movie. No I'm not one of those, my girlfriend is crazy about it so it rubs off on me. Anyways, so I mention accutane and tell him "I've had enough, I'm willing to try it and see if it works." I mean I just finished my first year of University and I still find myself worrying about my appearance. I want to not have to worry about these things.

My doctor agreed and made sure I knew the risks of taking accutane. I had already researched it before I went in and was set on getting it done. Some people may say "How can you risk you're life just to get clear skin?!" Well let me tell you two things: First, I've tried every product and no dice. Secondly, the outrageous symptoms that are listed along with accutane are only there because some people encountered these problems while on accutane. No that doesn't mean I should worry about these possible symptoms, but I shouldn't be scared shitless because of rare cases. I will keep track of my physical and mental state throughout, as well as going for blood tests every month

Alright so this is my regimine during this first month of taking accutane.

Morning: Wash Face with warm water, apply cetaphil gentle cleanser, pat dry

(Accutane is supposed to dry out your face, but its my third day of taking the pill and I havent had to moisturize. Once I start to notice dryness I will use Cetaphil Daily Facial Moisturizer with spf15. Or if I know I wont be going out that day I'll stick with Cetaphil moisturizing lotion)

Night: Take 1 40mg accutane pill along with vitamin E, C, B 100 Complex and D. (I was originally taking Vitamin A and Niacin before accutane came into my life, however accutane is derived from vitamin A so too much can cause an overdose. My doctor just told me to stop taking niacin once i start accutane.) VERY IMPORTANT that accutane is taken during or after a meal containing fat. If I ate dinner lets say an hour ago and I need to take accutane now, I'll drink one glass of milk, refill it and take the pills with the second glass. Also good to drink a glass of water after taking the pill.

I'm on my 3rd day, have yet to take the third pill. All I've noticed is my lips are getting somewhat chapped, but nothing carmex cant fix. Oh in addition, my doctor said that accutane can cause dry eyes and so he prescribed this lube which comes in an eye drop bottle. I have yet to use it because my eyes haven't dried out but it is called Refresh Lacri-Lube.

I'll be updating every week, feel free to post comments, questions and words of wisdom!

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Hey man I'm pretty sure this section is only for accutane type posts, but not logs, theres a section specifically dedicated for keeping logs (I'm sure a mod can move it there).

Good luck on the accutane, I'm canadian too and just finished day 60. hope your skin clears up!

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Thanks a lot:) So im on day 7, i've taken 6 pills (soon to be 7 tonight). I believe the initial breakout stage has arrived. Started on day 5, i noticed many new pimples. one on my temple where i hadnt gotten a pimple there since 2 years ago. The others are between my bottom lip and chin. and where i get most of my pimples are on my cheeks so the popped up there. I've noticed my face gets really dry and flaky after I wash my face. I apply moisturizer but around an hour or so after the application my face is an oily wreck. Eyes are dry at night so I'm going to begin using the drops. My lips are somewhat dry but not too bad. It seems like I'm breaking out everywhere. Hope it doesn't go on too long. Update in a few days!

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Day 9 now, just woke up and see i have new additions to the pimple society on my face. 5 new pimples came in over night. Also, i have 2 weird looking pimples on my cheeks. its like one pimple but 3 white heads. these pimples are on both cheeks. Peculiar... I tried not adding moisturizer to my face after cleansing and within an hour my face became super oily. How do i stop my face from becoming excessively oily. I've tried no moisturizer and moisturizer and get the same result. Lips have gotten drier. Im very tired throughout the day. back pain, neck pain, headaches. I had a soccer game on sunday and could barely move on the field. I felt really stiff and unfocused. i plan on taking fish oil, zinc and calcium in addition to my Vitamin B Complex 100, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin E. I've also been taking L-Glutamine to help with my sore muscles after a workout. In regards to my aches, pains and headaches, would advil or tylenol be the safe solution?

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Advil/Tylenol would be safe to use.

Goodluck man, I'm glad you got the process going! Takes a lot of thought and deciding. Don't worry about the pimple war on your face, it will ALWAYS get worse before it gets better!

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Thanks for the encouraging words wsx

Day 13 now

Lips are really chapped, I'm considering fashioning a pocket within the pockets of all my pants just for my carmex tube. Also my face is hopefully not beginning to get flaky for it is really flaky. um the other side effects are the same as the last few posts, headaches, back aches, dizziness, fatigue. I have another soccer game tomorrow. Hopefully I don't feel like a 85 year old on the field again. When i get into bed at night and finally lay down its as if my spine has been bent all day. I feel it straightening out at that point. It hurts but it feels so good! The pimples on my cheeks have somewhat disappeared, one new pimple as of this morning. I think by tomorrow i'll know if the initial breakout is over? More posts to come!

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Day 20

Hey everyone, so in reply to my last post, initial breakout is still on going. I've notice many tiny bumps on my nose as well. Pores coming to the surface if that makes sense? Lips are chapped of course, back aches, yada yada. I'm glad I know it's working, feels really good even though I'm still in the breakout stage. Now then, question. Before accutane i would go to the gym regularly and with going to the gym I would have my protein shake, which is 4 scoops of quickmass by AllMax. I stopped going to the gym because ive become sloth-like but i believe if i cant be mentally prepared for my soccer games because of accutane i need to atleast be physically prepared. Indeed, it is some fine logic. So ive decided im going to get back to the gym and in doing so start taking my protein shake again. However before i do that i looked at its nutrition facts. Primarly looking at cholesterol and Vitamin A. Amazed to say the least. This is it:

10 Lbs. Cookies & Cream

Serving Size: 4 Scoops(255g)

Servings Per Container 18

Amount Per Serving % Daily Value

Calories 1010 50%

Calories From Fat 130

Fat 14g 22%

Saturated 6g 35%

Polyunsaturated 0.5g

Monounsaturated 5g

+ Trans Fat 0.5g


Carbohydrates 167g 56%

Dietary Fiber 5g 20%

Sugars 28g

Sodium 440mg 15%

Potassium 390mg 10%

Protein 56g 114%


Vitamin C 0%

Vitamin E(as D,l-Tocohperyl Acetate) IU 170%

Calcium(from Calcium Caseinate) mg 50%

Iron mg 8%

I would be taking 4 scoops, twice daily but the cholesterol and vitamin A jump out at me a bit. I know a person on accutane shouldnt have more than 4 eggs a week because of the cholestrol so im pretty sure taking this shake again might kill me. (not literally of course, well maybe?). And i know additional vitamin A shouldnt be taken while on accutane. is 4% extra vitamin A a day too much, and 200mg of cholesterol too much? (in addition to how much i get from other foods during the day which is unknown really)



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Day 78

Sorry for being MIA for quite some time now.

One word = School


After my first month of being on 40 mg of accutane, my doctor upped my dosage to 60mg starting the second month. The third month I was given the same dose of 60mg. Presently, theres nothing new. Less pimples appearing; only a day or two after I shave do I see a few pimples on my chin. I have red spots where pimples used to be on my temples and cheeks. The pimples on my cheeks are visible and seem to be taking forever to disappear. My face is a lot dryer nowadays, but applying moisturizer every night and every morning does the trick. As for my lips, dear god... Im applying carmex 3-4 times a day. After I eat, after I work out and after I drink. I double apply at night. I've also seen an improvement in my energy levels. Before I used to be a sloth, now I can say I'm close to normal. My back does ache all day though. I'm hoping my next dosage in 8 days is my last because I just want to get back to normal already!

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