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Okay so I have 6 weeks before school starts, I want to look and feel different about my skin and will do anything to reduce and clear my acne! I was totally going to do proactive until I found this site and read about the regimen. Which one should I do after seeing success stories on both?

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Everyone is different.. I have not tried the regimen...but I have tried Proactiv and it is the only thing that has ever kept my acne away. It worked for me and I swear by it... I have tried EVERYTHING!! You wont know until you try.

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I'd try the regimen on here. Proactive is crap! :\

I haven't tried the regimen but i tried Proactive.

I agree Jennaaay. I have tried both and proactive is so overendorsed by celebrities who probably have very minimal acne anyway, and its expensive and it was too harsh for me.

I have tried the regimen on here and if you do it slowly and consistent, it works really well.

I dont use as much bp as Dan does but everyone is different.


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Thanks guys:)

Ashley what skin type do you have? Cause I've heard it dries up certain types and I wanted to know if yours was like mine.

Hi there

I have oily skin. BP is gonna dry your skin out either way. You just have to make sure to moisturize twice a day. I also use Proactivs moisturizers. The green tea one and also oil free. I have been using Proactiv for 9 years...only thing that has helped me. If I try anything I break out like mad. But as I said..everyone is different. When you first go on it..after about a week your acne LOOKS like it is getting a lot worse...but then by the following week things start lookin up. Thats my experience though :)

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