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25% Mandelic Acid Peel

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My first post!

So I had a very bad acne reaction to Retinol which I used around 10 months ago, and since then I've been extremely gentle with my skin, not using harsh products and rarely using foundations or any other skin makeup.

I've regained some skin "strength" but the medium scarring (discoloration, not pits or elevations) from the breakouts along my chin, jaw and side of face have not disappeared. Since I have sensitive and dry skin I did not want to take the risk with anything aggressive, so I was recommended to use 25% Mandelic Acid peels once a week for 4 weeks until my skin was "primed" to use a lactic peel, or TCA peel.

I used it for the first time three nights ago, and after washing it off I did notice my skin was exfoliated and glowing. My skin didn't sting (just itched towards the end of the 3 minutes) and there was little if no redness afterwards. The next day I had almost no peeling and since then my skin hasn't shown any reaction to it at all..

I was wondering for those of you who use this product-- have you guys experienced any purging with it? How many peels do you generally start to see scarring improvement? Also, do you guys think I can use the peel once every three or four days because my skin doesn't seem to have reacted to it in any way (like I said, I didn't even peel after it).

I definitely don't want to overdo and am fine to use it once a week to be on the safe side, but if I could I'd also like to make it as effective as it can be for me...

Your experience/advice would be really helpful! Thank you :)

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Hey icecreamcake!

I've been using a 5% Mandelic serum to warm up my skin to it before I use the 25% Peel (curious, where do you get yours? I get mine from MUAC). That being said, I can't tell you much about the peel, but I know that members here have pretty great success with it. Compared to other peels, it's much gentler. As far Mandelic itself, I've noticed a purging of blackheads, but the 5% isn't quite enough to stop the deeper ones from coming back. I'm hoping the peel will do the trick! The instructions that came with the peel said to try it once a week for a while, and once your skin seems fine, work up to every 4 days (that is, if you aren't using any other peels like SA). It's definitely better to be on the safe side! What other products are you using?

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I got my 25% MA peel from MUAC as well! In terms of acne prevention, the peel actually did dry out a few whiteheads the next morning (I used the peel before bed, which they say is the safest time). So maybe for your blackhead concern the 25% MA peel will help loosen or prevent them from occurring.

I am using "Free & Clear Liquid Cleanser for Sensitive Skin", Proactiv's BP (Step 3) "moisturizer", as well as another moisturizer (typically cetaphil) because I don't feel like the Proactiv really hydrates my skin. The only reason I am using the BP after cleansing is because I was using Shiseido's brightening serum and moisturizer for around 10 days and it gave me white heads and breakouts over my cheeks that I never had in a very long time. I am recovering from that right now and wanted to medicate the acne. Although the Shiseido products were very hydrating, they apparently caused breakouts for me.

Do you have access to any links to forums/users who've had success or even negative results from the 25% MA peel?

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That's good! you know your skin best, so do what you need to do to maintain it's health :) I too find that I have trouble finding safe moisturizers, I always come back to my essentials, and I've given up the life of trying out new products for the most part :lol:

Here's some reviews from makeup alley. Not one bad review! http://www.makeupalley.com/product/showrev...8MUAC%29_/Masks

Here's a topic on mandelic acid, containing tons of great info as well as personal reviews/progress of people trying it.


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