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TCA CROSS; Doing it wrong???

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Okay, so I purchased 99% tca cross from perfect complexions. I've treated one area three times (one month in between each treatment) but I've seen very little results. The area is in between my eyebrows on the left of the top part of my nose (closest to my forehead). Here's what I've been doing:

First I wash my face, concentrating on the area to be treated. I also use an alcohol rub on the area to be treated after washing my face.

I dip a tooth pick into the TCA solution and hold it in the middle of the pockmark for about 10 seconds.

I then apply the neutralizing serum. and then neosporin.

I've been really good about the after care, I make sure I keep ointment on it as well as spf 85 suncreen. So what is it that I'm doing wrong? Why am I getting little to no results?

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I use the same product. I hold my toothpick in the hole for 20-30 seconds. I do not use the neutralizing solution. I apply neosporin after the procedure but not again. I like to let my face get dry and form "scabs" (I rarely see scabs). On day three I gently wash my face with cetaphil. I do not apply moisturizer until about a week after application. The first three applications I stayed inside for four days each. The last two applications I only went outside to go to my car for work (I wore just a thin layer of sunscreen).

There are a few holes that have not filled in. Actually, they are the more shallow, and smaller holes. I have no idea why they resist treatment.

Also, it has been four months since my last treatment. I have noticed more "filling in of the holes" during this time than anytime before. I've also been in the sun A LOT during this time (which is bad for this process).....I would suggest more procedures and wait for several months to allow your skin time to heal.

Good luck!

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