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Spearmint tea loves me.

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Wow thanks for sharing, Venus In Virgo Gal. I've been on oral and topical acne meds for too long. I'm so sure it's hormonal and am not willing to take oral birth control pills. When I read your posts, I thought smaller pores, and fuller breasts is she joking? Well I've been drinking both Stash organic cascade mint- (spearmint and peppermint caffeine free) and Stash Moroccan mint, green tea- (spearmint, peppermint, lemon grass, green tea) 2-5 cups a day, for almost two weeks. I alternate between green and decaf, depending on the time off day. I couldn't find the brands you suggested. I'm so impressed. Less oil, tighter pores. No cysts. And my breast are fuller. I've also been doing facials with the tea bags each morning. It preps my skin well for the day. Works as a great toner. I only notice oil when I wake up in the morning now.

I quit oral antibiotics six weeks ago, the past two weeks I've had more improvement than ever. I hope things stay consistent. Also I have a history of stomach issues, and the tea seems to take away the stomach pain. Could this all be due to my new love affair with spearmint tea? Or is this a coincidence? I don't know but I'm sticking with it. No skin pain, less stomach pain. No excessive oil or breakouts. I feel empowered by the discovery that there are real natural, non-pharmaceutical solutions. Thanks again.

(hope I've posted this properly)

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My update. I ran out of stash brand for about a week, tried other brands my skin got bad again.

STASH - Cascade Mint or STASH Morroccan Mint are the very best for me.

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Sounds like a painless experiment!

I'm getting some STASH tea ASAP. I love mint anyway.

It would be absolutely insane if it were that easy. :rolleyes:

Thanks for the tip.

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This sounds great. I just bought some stash organic tea from amazon and hope it works the same wonders on me as it is on you girls.

Is it still working for everyone?

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