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minocycline or another antibiotic

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Hi all, I havn't been getting much luck receiving responses on here, but I'll try anyways (I know we are all busy and I thank those who do find the time to write - it helps). I've been on minocycline 100mg a day for almost 2 months. I've had a lot of trail and error with the topicals I was prescribed so I haven't done anything consistantly in that respect. At this point I don't really feel like the mino is helping me... perhaps it assists in healing things up quicker or preventing the really big, terrible cystic pimples I've had in the past, but it's hard to tell. I'm still having so many issues. Every day there is something new and ugly on my face :( I'm considering asking for a change in antibiotics. Which one have people had the most luck with? How long does it take for these things to "kick in". I would think 2 months should be sufficient, but maybe I need to wait another few weeks?? Any suggestions?

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It can take from 6-12 weeks before seeing significant results from antibiotic treatment. An alternative is getting on Spironolactone if you/your derm believe hormones/androgens are behind the acne- could be a better longterm option if it is.

Best, Shantelle

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