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Hey, I just started using Dan's AHA less than a week ago and I was wondering what are some of your experiences if you have used it before...

My skin became adjusted to the BP about 3 weeks into the regimen, so I decided to add the AHA to my routine. The AHA stings alittle bit but Dan said that was to be expected and it also means it's working! Anyways, I don't feel like the AHA is that moisturizing- I still have to apply some of my regular moisturizer in addition to the AHA.

The AHA seems to work pretty well as a spot treatment, but I use it on my entire face so everything looks even and to help prevent future breakouts. But ever since I started using AHA, my skin feels rougher? Rough like in a gritty sort of way. Rough like I want to take a piece of sandpaper and sand my face until it's smooth..

Also, I have been using the AHA morning and night, so twice a day. Is that too much?

welcome any comments, suggestions.

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Dan's AHA is the best product I've ever used. I would however, not use it twice a day...that's overdoing it. The worst thing you can do it overdo it with too much product. It will make your face hate you. I wash my face in the morning with Paula's Choice skin balancing cleanser, and apply moisturizer. I then apply Tarte skin balancing make-up which is an AMAZING product for people with acne. It literally controls the oil on your face and helps curb the break-out cycle.

At night I use the same cleanser, apply a hefty load of Dan's BP, a thin layer of the AHA, and then moisturize about 15 minutes after my face has absorbed everything. Be patient with the AHA. It's not a harsh product and will not dry your face out if you use it sparingly once a day. It will take a little while for your skin to get used to it. With that being said, it's not a retinoid, and works much slower than one. It will take a while for the deep pimples to emerge, but please don't stop using it. It took 6 months for me to really see a difference, but it's so worth it!!!

Good luck!

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Thank you, I will take your advice and use it only once a day. I had a feeling I was overdoing it....and I will use it at night, too, since I will be less tempted to touch my face and let the AHA work its magic while I'm sleeping :)

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