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Apple cider vinegar + shea butter?

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I have pretty bad acne on my temples and they are starting to scar, and i have pretty bad hyper pigmentation there and its been like 4 months and they still arent going away... Lately i have been using all nature african shea butter on my temples in hope it can lighten the hyperpigmentation and cure the scars. But i came across Apple Cider Vinegar, that i have at home, and it is said that it can help cure acne and help with the hyperpigmentation and the scars. Should i use it as a topical or drink it? Should i just stick with the shea butter (only use at night) or do both?

Please help, as i have not gone outside in weeks because of my low self esteem because of acne.... :(

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How are you going with the shea butter? I don't think it really has any effect on PIH, it actually breaks me out horrendously, but that is my personal experience.

I've tried apple cider vinegar topically and I've also tried drinking it. Topically, it didn't help any PIH I had, and drinking it helped with breakouts I was getting, but red marks didn't really respond to it.

Alpha hydroxy acid might help you out a bit. It speeds up the cell turnover of your skin. I use it every night and my red marks respond to it quite well. The only issue is that it does make your skin more sensitive to sunlight. Whatever you choose, be very patient. It can take a little while to see a difference.

There's a red marks forum here too, you'll get lots of good information if you have a nosy around in there.

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