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Starting Regimen!!! Makeup???!

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So I ordered, and it should be here soon,

my question is can makeup go over the moisturizer easily? I still need to hide my acne during the day, so will I be able to do that?


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I have personally experienced that make-up makes the flakiness very obvious. (I use a cover stick and a compact powder, both suited for acne-prone skin.)

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I haven't found anything that works with the flakiness. Makeup just makes it all look worse. I find that using a coverup stick and light powder is best as well. When I use a liquid foundation...it scales and makes me look snake like. :shock:

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Yeah, unfortunately, early on in The Regimen, your skin's gonna be pretty dry and flaky, and applying makeup over fry, flaky skin just makes it look worse.

I'd strongly recommend just baring all for at least the first few weeks. The only products you should be applying to your face are the three Regimen steps--cleanser, BP, and moisturizer. That way there will be no other products--like oily makeup--that could be clogging your pores or causing your acne. (If you feel too naked without makeup, try skipping the foundation and powder and all that, and just focus on playing up your eyes, lips, and nails--it's an easy way to still feel "made up" while giving your skin a break.)

When I started The Regimen, I had to go through this too, and it was hard not putting on foundation and concealer and powder to try to hide everything. So I cut back to just dabbing a tiny bit of concealer on if I absolutely needed it.

By the time my skin had adjusted to The Regimen, and wasn't so dry and flaky any more, it was also much clearer, and I found that I didn't need to apply all that makeup any more.

After more than two years on The Regimen, I still find that my skin looks much better and healthier without foundation or heavy powder. When I'm going out, I still only do my eye makeup and just dab on a little concealer if I need it. And then I'm out the door! : )

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